My Focused Future Andrew Crawford


Climb One of the worlds tallest mountains
Do an insane bungee jump over water
Float In the Dead Sea While Reading Something
Fly First class on a sweet jet
Ride in a sick Helicopter
Ride in a Hot Air Balloon, Get a Tattoo, Go BackpackingFor a Few Days
Go On An Epic Cruise
Go on a Safari
Go on an Epic Road Trip w/ a Friend, Go on Vacation to a Random place w/ no plans, Go Scuba Diving, Ski Down a Massive Hill
Skydive out of a Helicopter
Go to the super bowl
Go to the final four
Go White Water Rafting, Own a Cool Gun Collection, Learn a Martial Art, Live in a Different Country for a Few Months, Live in Nature for a Bit
meet someone really famous
go to the towns square new years party
own a hummer
Plant a Tree and Watch it Grow, Really get to Know my Hometown Before College, Ride an Elephant
Ride in a limo
Visit Every Continent
See the Grand Canyon in person
See the great Sphinx in person
See the Northern Lights
See the 7 Wonders of the World
swim with dolphins
I REALLY Want to Visit a Castle, Volcano, The Colosseum, and The Olympics
And Lastly, walk on the great wall of china

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