Love, Lucy ...

Ciao bellas!! Well, here I am, on a desktop computer in my school's resource center for the second week in a row due to the death of my Macbook cerca 2011 (RIP you poor thing, praying for one last miracle). What a time!!! To be alive!!! Anyways, as I prepare to embark on spring break this weekend, I've been finishing up last minute papers, assignments, class scheduling (excuse me, senior year???? jokez) in order to cross off this to-do list of mine that has arisen from the dead and smacked me in the face (STUDY abroad they said, huh). SOOO, to avoid my art history paper on Donatello's Bronze David (sorry Professor Massini), I'd rather tell y'all about my weekend in Barcelona!! Que divertida!!!

WOW oh WOW was my heart full this weekend!! My first ~solo~ trip from Rome to celebrate Schwarz's 21st birthday was quite the success! I got to squeeze my PEOPLE and spend an entire weekend eating brunch, drinking sangria, and catching up on the past 3 months of our lives that we've been separated (cruelty, really). Although the weather could have been better (torrential down pour and "extreme puddling" Friday wasn't ideal), we attempted to make the best out of it (RIP to our shoes, Emma's umbrella, and ANY sight seeing for the day). We enjoyed a family style Italian dinner (yes, Italian food in Spain, who am I), and did-like-the-Spaniards-do by attempting to keep up with their night life (@ Opium, I hope to never return). Although Saturday was a slower start for a majority of us, we still managed to make it to Brunch&Cake, the beach, and Bunkers in order to attempt to see the city before the weekend closed in on us.

Ft. Brunch&Cake's Super Sandwich- cue GUACAMOLE SYRINGE!!! insanity.

I've made it quite a long ways from the beginning of my abroad journey and it's extreme lack of breakfast. Gma would be so proud!!! Barcelona not only brought me time with some of my favorite humans, but EGGS, PANCAKES, BACON and STARBUCKS ICED COFFEE. It's the little things people. T-6 weeks until Hazellewood brunch and as many cold pressed, American sized, coffees as my bank account will allow, but who's counting (oh, me).

Sort of into these "highs and lows" of my weeks, so let's, shall we?


1. walking into our first brunch spot of the weekend and squeezing my roomie!!!! Boy oh boy did I miss her face. Can't wait for mega beds and slumber parties come September. SO thankful you decided to cross the pond for the week (& for bringing the rest of the homies along with you)

2. ~obviously~ the breakfast, felt the need to repeat this one although it should be implied at this point

3. the VIEWS!!! After seeing an absurd amount of pictures/snap chats/etc. of the Bunkers from everyone and their mothers who study in Barcelona, I had an idea of what to expect, but was surprisingly blown away by how BEAUTIFUL it was up there. Cue wine, friends, and good conversation from ~all the way up~


1. Getting to the Bunkers was more difficult than anticipated. Although it could be attributed to our cab driver who got lost winding his way up the mountain, our trek through the brush, mud, and grassy hills might have been easier with proper shoes and preparation.

2. @ Mario, my beloved Italian teacher, you have successfully demolished my Spanish speaking ability. CONGRATS. Hope you're happy I bit my tongue when wanting to say ciao, or grazie all weekend long. You win.

Although this was one of the QUICKEST weekend trips I've had (probably at the expense of the late nights and not-so-early mornings), I so, so enjoyed my time in Barcelona, but wish I had more. But we are always wanting MORE, aren't we? More time, more money, more experiences. So instead, I'm going to be thankful for what I DID get to do. It's impossible to do it all, anyways, and I think it's important to remind myself of this. So with that, thanks Barcelona for giving me time with good friends, feeding me brunch & tapas, and giving me an opportunity to check yet another country off of my list. GRACIAS PARA UN TIEMPO DIVERTIDO. (HA, still got it). Well people, back to my art history paper and preparing for FOUR new countries in 10 days next week. Spring break 2k17 is going to require some ambition, strategic packing, and an extreme amount of caffeine. Wish me luck! Arriverderci bellas, ciao!

Love, Lucy

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