Birds Give Back Redbird Performance LAB

"Athletic performance plays a critical role in the physical preparation for all Redbird student-athletes. Utilizing sport science based equipment into our daily training will allow us to better evaluate the qualities that transfer to and elevate athletic performance. With this information, training decisions can be made based on a sport, a position, and an individual basis to ensure we are providing the most optimal stimulus for each student-athlete’s development."

Ryan Swenson, Director of Athletic Performance

Velocity Training System

Velocity training systems use speed-based metrics as the indicator of the training goal for that particular session. Using this metric allows for daily individualization of the training stimulus to achieve optimum performance each repetition. By using velocity training systems, athletes are able to receive instant, real-time feedback. This helps gauge individual intent and create a competitive environment within themselves and the rest of their teammates. With the addition this system, we will be able to analyze trends and training outcomes over time to adjust accordingly for the individual Student-Athlete. Thus creating a more focused, individualized approach which ensures they are as ready as possible to train each day and develop during their time at Illinois State University.

Velocity Training System Benefits

  • Effortless Data Collection
  • Versatile and Adaptable Equipment
  • Educational Feedback
  • Optimizes Individual Workout Loads
  • Increases Competition Among Athletes
  • Tracks Athletes Progress Over Time
  • Profiles Athletes Strengths/Weaknesses
  • Analyzes Trends and Athlete Fatigue

The Velocity Training System provides immediate feedback through a user friendly app. The training app allows athletes and coaches to...

  • Create a Profile
  • Track Their Workouts
  • Receive Instructive Feedback
  • View and Compare Historical Data Over Time

The Velocity Training System has proven success at the professional and collegiate level.

Professional and Collegiate Sport Institutions Using Velocity Training Systems

The Velocity Training System Costs $35,000

"Modernizing the weight room would be very helpful for ISU Athletics. Strength and conditioning has a great impact on gymnastics because it improves our performance and keeps us safe throughout a long season. I feel better prepared for the intensity I put my body through every week because of our strength and conditioning program."

Savannah Remkus, Gymnastics

Force Plates

Force plates will have multiple roles as we evolve our holistic approach to student-athlete development at Illinois State University. Information gained will allow us to identify and build athletic profiles for each student-athlete from a baseline measurement when they first arrive, followed by systematic monitoring throughout their yearly competitive calendar and career. By uncovering what potential mechanisms the human body is utilizing, we can better individualize training to fill in the gaps of what athletes’ need to improve on, while targeting and optimizing traits that already make them successful.

Force Plate Benefits

  • Identifies Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Highlights Biomechanical Deficiencies
  • Monitors Training Outcomes
  • Screening/Return-to-Performance Rules
  • Training Readiness
According to ISU Athletic Trainers and the Sport Performance staff...
"Force plates can be used to aid in the student-athlete return-to-performance protocols. Baseline testing can be utilized in a screening manner to identify areas needing attention early in an athletes’ preparation process, potentially mitigating injury likelihood in later stages. Limb asymmetries in force application and absorption are critical pieces of information that can be identified and addressed using this approach."

The Force Plates Costs $11,000

"Strength and conditioning has had a significant impact on my performance as a student-athlete and led to many successes in my events. Last year, I had a season ending injury with my foot. Had I had access to updated equipment, it could have sped up my recovery. Modernizing the weight room would better allow the entire team to complete the workout programs and improve recovery time if injured. Effective strength and conditioning equipment is critical to the entire track team, especially the throwers with the weight they are lifting."

Logan Calvin, Track & Field

Time Gate System

Speed, agility, and their underlying qualities are critical athletic performance metrics. Modern timing systems have allowed speed and agility training to be monitored much more accurately and efficiently. These metrics will help improve the performance of our Redbird student-athletes.

Time Gate System Benefits

  • Collects Valuable Athlete-Driven Data
  • Implements Speed Training Sessions
  • Monitors and Designs Agility Training
  • Athlete Readiness Tool
Training can be streamlined with instant feedback to encourage competition and intent. Efficient timing gates will streamline the training prescription for our Redbird student-athletes.

Time Gate System Costs $4,000

"Softball is a huge strength sport. It is important for us as softball players to develop strength throughout the year to perform at our best. I've increased my velocity as a pitcher and increased the strength behind the balls I hit at bat. The strength I gain in the weight room also helps to prevent future injuries, which is important to me!"

Mack Leonard, Softball