"A Creative Church" by Tod Smith; Book Review Tevin boateng antwi

John Heyl Vincent was one of the people who contributed to the rise of Arts in the church in America. He went on to establish an art Summer School in Chautauqua, New York.

Many people were impacted by this instituted, as it saw thousands flock to it

Tod Smith says that the arts were instruments that God used to stir the hearts of people.

Institutions such as singing schools were available to help reform music in the church, worship services, and educated those who attended church.

Ralph Carmichael , was another proponent of the arts, specifically Gospel music. And his contributions helped spike an interest in Contemporary Christian music

Part of the efforts put in by Carmichael in Christian music include the production of a television show. With his television show, he helped introduced many people

Arts has been one of the ways by which God has moved in the church, and like Smith alludes to in his book, people play a part in whether the arts would continue to expand for the use of God's work.

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