Adobe Spark spark

Why is this interesting?

It is an useful apps to create and share interesting stories and ideas to others. Teachers can use this App to teach. Students can make their own videos for present something

What does it do?

Post → let you create graphics like posters, announcement, and Internet memes

Introducing body parts

Video → create video by adding text and images to slide

Page → create simple web pages to showcase pictures, posters, videos, text and links

Which devices can use it? i-pads, i-phones,Web browser

No Android :(

How might you use it with students?

Teachers create the story and share in the lesson. After sharing, teachers can check students’ understanding through answering some questions , rewriting the ending or writing about their feelings about the story etc. (Understanding, Analyzing, Creating, Modifing)

Teachers may ask students to make their own stories or videos. Then students can share their products with one another in class. (Creating, Collaborating, Presenting)

Students can use it to present different topics, e.g. self-introduction, journey (Creating, Presenting)

Links (webpages and videos)

Home page:


Interesting ideas

(use text to introduce something

audio introduction by a primary student

introduce a journey or introduce places

Introducing body parts

Flashcard (post)


Created with images by vernieman - "Another qlamazing creative tool - Adobe Spark that's made for the social era. Automatically publish optimised designs across multiple mobile and web platforms. Sweet! #adobemax @adobemax #TeamMindblow" • no_name_friend - "hippo funny cute" • zukunftsalick - "Kids" • digihanger - "little boy kid" • blueMix - "child crying kid" • doctorserone - "android-open"

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