What to do if you're exposed to COVID-19 on duty

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During the 79th Legislative session (2005), CLEAT asked the late State Representative Joe Moreno to draft legislation to include county jailers and detention officers in the definition of “public safety employee” under the worker’s compensation law that reimburses medical expenses incurred after exposure to contagious diseases. The bill passed and went into effect September of that same year. Prior to the 2005 legislation, the law only covered peace officers, firefighters, and emergency medical services employees and prior to 1993, first responders were not covered.

In 2019, SB 1582 expanded contagious disease protections for peace officers, including provisions related to preventative immunizations, vaccinations, and line of duty presumptions when making a worker’s compensation claim.

1. Document any line of duty contact with any person who is suffering from flu like symptoms or if becomes known that the person has travelled abroad or has knowingly been exposed to someone diagnosed with Covid-19.

2. If you have documented a contact described above and you start to exhibit flu-like symptoms, seek medical care and report the exposure and illness to your supervisor or department so that a worker’s compensation claim can be initiated.

3. Follow the 10 Step Document prepared by CLEAT for members when they are injured in the line of duty. (attached)

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