Our Quarantine Companions by violet Negrette

Illustration by Riya Charora

There is no denying that our lives would be quite dull and boring without our clever and loyal pets. Throughout the many struggles and uncertainties we have faced in adjusting to quarantine and remote learning, they have always been there, providing friendship and love. As we wrap up our final class of the day, we can finally shut off our computers and continually rely on our pets to be there, waiting for us. When we are stressed and frantically trying to complete our assignments, we can take a break and enjoy our animals and the soothing atmosphere they deliver. Whether it’s your cat, dog, rabbit, or any other type of animal, the effect our pets have on our lives remains the same. They affect who we are and supplement our lives with bliss and consolation.

Some say they require much responsibility, which isn’t false. As they are a lifelong friend that we will cherish for all of our lives, we must also nurture and pamper them, with treats and toys, giving them the best environment possible. But it is a worthy price to pay for such supporting pets. They bring us comfort and companionship in a very stressful and lonely time, an unprecedented time that is unlike anything we could have ever imagined. Now that we are forced to remain in our houses in order to keep safe, we are constantly with them, often much to their delight.

When we leave our homes, our pets are left there, and who knows what lonely thoughts may occur in their heads? That is certainly not a problem anymore, but it is a worry for when we return to normal. Will our pets be able to adjust easily? Maybe, but many pets can suffer from separation anxiety and the fear that we may not return after months of never ending attention. One can’t help but think of our loyal pets, remaining at home while we enjoy life outside of the boundaries of our house.

Some people have adopted pets during quarantine, since taking in a pet is a fun and exciting project for everyone in the family. After all, remote learning has left us all sitting in our chairs, listening to lectures for hours on end; a little distraction would not be unwarranted. With an additional member to the family, life can be a lot more interesting and your pet can provide contentment and happiness with a much needed distraction from day-to-day life. Even when quarantine is lifted, people will still be left with their pets and that familiar feeling of comfort will not disappear. Part of that distraction, however, is taking care of and providing for a living and breathing animal. This sense of responsibility will help people as they develop into adults.

Whether it’s your cat, dog, rabbit, or any other type of animal, the effect our pets have on our lives remains the same. They affect who we are and supplement our lives with bliss and consolation.

I, myself, am lucky enough to own multiple pets, all of which have helped me proceed through quarantine and remote learning with laughter and jubilation. Murphy, my border collie, provides much humor and comfort, as he requires much attention and must be the center of your focus every hour of every day.

Millie, our newest addition to the family, finds time to annoy every person in the household with her many kitten needs and somehow manages to eat three cans of cat food every day.

Remy incorporates a sense of calm, and I do believe that he is an old man stuck in a dog’s body, as he prefers the couch to any sort of exercise.

And finally Howard, who follows the grumpy cat stereotype with much passion. His popularity amongst friends and family continues to grow as he wields his sassy personality like a sword to cut down all who he considers inferior.

These animals have greatly affected me and my family and continue to support us and help us throughout our lives, not just during quarantine.

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