Rhythm and Resistance By Makyla B.


Resistance is the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument. In some ways and situations we all are not perfect. We are not all alike in something's. But in some situations resistance can mean many things. But in some cases we may have our own things we face in life. Some likes and Dislikes we like about ourselves. We may can look at someone else and see that they have something that we don't and we feel insecure about that. But soon that can come to a change once we do some things.

In my poem “Silly Me” I celebrate how all the memories you have as a child can come back to you. From the smells to the candy, the food. My poem resistance on how some things what you have experienced as a child and some of the things you see as an adult or teenager can bring back something. One line in my poem that connects to resistance is “ Your imagination shines like a beam,You are creative in your own ways. You enjoy being “SILLY” because it's a wonderful thing.” These lines show that if I have confidence in myself and I’m a very bright happy person. Also it shows how a imagination can be as well. But in other ways this could mean something else to others such as their imagination how strong it is and also how bright their personality shines.

As a poet , this has helped me become better at writing using not just rhyming words but other words as well. It has helped me by using my imagination on some things to bring you back to your childhood and make you remember or think about the good times you’ve celebrated.It has also made me become stronger at understanding things. Before the unit, I looked at poetry as it was just free writing or just rhyming things all the time. As I learned, poetry doesn't have to always be about rhyming or free writing all the time. You can create a title and write lines that expresses it. But once you began poetry you wouldn't want to stop writing. And writing something you can express how you feel and also make others feel good in a way by just doing that.


Celebration poem

Silly Me !

Silly Me,Silly Me

As goofy as silly string

Like a kid in the candy store

It’s all a dream.

Wacky colors, Tacky dreams

To sprinkles and donuts you are making a scene.

Pink glitter, orange confetti

Maybe it’s a unicorn party instead!

Silly Me,Silly Me

Look at those tall maple trees

Their branches as long as spider webs.

Far as the eye could see!

Peppermints and laffy taffys

The smell that brings back from when you were little

Silly Me,Silly Me

Your imagination shines like a beam

You are creative in your own ways.

You enjoy being “SILLY”

Because it’s a wonderful thing.

Silly Me,Silly Me

Look how time flies by

It flies by pretty fast huh?

It seems like the clock just got up and ran.

That’s how fast time flies!

Silly Me,Silly Me

As I say it again!

You can be you if you follow your Dreams!

Two Voices Poem

I am a mind

I am a mind

I am a mind that belongs to an angry and upset person.

I am a mind that belongs to a calm and energetic person.

I have always been known for lashing[a] out.

I have always been known for keeping quiet.

Everything was great until one day.

Everything was going great until that day.

I got into an argument with this person.

I got into this argument with this random person.

That knocked my phone out of my hand.

That accused me for purposefully knocking their phone out of their hand.

I yelled and screamed and shouted at them!

I remained calm!

I kept going and going until I made a scene.

I remained calm!

Deep down I was the smaller person.

Instead of being the smaller person I was the bigger one even though I didn’t get the last word.


Battle Between Yes and No

We all have our challenges, battles, trials and tribulations we face in life

We all have our enemies and haters

But then they become our friends at some point

Meet these two people

One named Jack

And the other Samantha

They worked for politics

They were not friends

But one day time had then cracked the egg

It was like a hurricane when it all began

Jack was giving a speech

Right in the middle of the speech Samantha interrupted him

By disagreeing with him

As always

She had a huge grudge against him

But Jack always wondered why

What had he done?

Why was the grudge there ?

A question was asked

What do you have against me ?

Soon samantha began to explain

It was because jack was in the spot she wanted

And her hate soon started to build up

That's why she had a grudge against him.

As time passed by they became friends

We tend to have problems

But when we then explain to someone

It brings a connection.

People tend to have something against someone for a

reason that means something to them.

But if you don’t use communication to tell that person how you feel then it all just builds up inside you that causes hate.

William Kentridge


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