Letter from Jeanne

Dear Isaac,

Its Jeanne, your friend from high school, we used to have dance class in 7th period. We haven't talked in awhile. We have to go drink some coffee and catch up with each other. Hope your doing well Ive missed you! I have been really busy in the camp, and problems have been going on with father. Father got arrested and left us and we been going through hard times. Father is rude and doesn't care anymore like it breaks my heart but have to keep my head up so family doesn't see me down. Now we been in the camp for a while but it hasn't been going as I thought, everything is hard here living and stuff. The food and people change a lot! But I hope things get better soon in the camp and with my family. I really don't want things to stay like this I want dad to come back and realize his doing bad. Dad hurting the family things got worse and I really don't want that to keep going, I'll have to tell you more once we get to see each other. But other than that I been good which that's good. But like everything changed since we got to the camp our lifestyle isn't the same but hope it gets better, I already want to leave this place. But like it in one side I've met really nice people here. I made a bestfriend named Destiny she is super nice and is always there if need her. She always help get through hard things and problem, and tells me what's the best to do, and gives me good advice. Hope your family is doing well to and say hi to everyone miss you guys.

Sincerely ,Isaac


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