One Perfect Rose by dorothy parker

Dorothy parks was born in Long Branch, New Jersey on 22nd August, 1893 and she passed in June 7th- 1967. Dorothy was an American poet that wrote short story's, critics and satirist. She is best known for her wit wise cracks and eyes for the 20th-century urban foibles. Dorothy had an unhappy childhood and accused her father of being physically abusive. After going throw school, in 1917 she married Edwin Pond Parker. One of Dorothy's friends Donald Ogden Stewart said that he "was quite good-looking; very shy; he was modest; he was just a nice person to have around". soon afterwards he joined the army and went to Europe to fight in world war one. The marriage didn't not work out and She once told a friend that she only "married him to change my name.". After her divorce she moved to hollywood,In July 1944 Parker wrote an article for Vogue Magazine about what it was like to be the wife of a soldier serving overseas. Based partly on her experiences of her first husband, Edwin Pond Parker in the First World War: "You say goodnight to your friends, and know that tomorrow you will meet them again, sound and safe as you will be...". Dorothy was married a couple more times after Edwin Pond Parker and twice to the same man. She struggled with depression and alcoholism in most of her adult life. Many of Parker's struggles were reflected in her first book of poetry, Enough Rope (1926). While poems like "Resume" discuss suicide, others, such as "Men," "Love Song," and this one—"One Perfect Rose"—express Parker's conflicted relationships with men.

Dorothy parker

Dorothy Parker’ “The One Perfect Rose” written in the Modernist Age talks about how every person seeks for that perfect relationship between two people, and how that's all this young lady wants. She wants one man to love her and give her all that she wants. But she feels like she has passed her opportunities up and she doesn’t want it to waste away.

The Modernist Age was from 1914 to about 1945, and every little bit jammed packed full of different events. Every thing from The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl to The Great War which was the most bloodiest and tragic conflicts to ever occur, almost an entire generation of young men wasted away. Other occurrences during this time period was the World War II and many other things in between. But the Modernist Age was not just about what was going on in the world but what was going on in artists themselves. Either through paintings, drawing, or poems they expressed themselves and what was going on through their work. I think it reflects in Dorothy Parker's work because in all her work that I have read there is a thread pulling them all together of heartbreak, and I feel like if you live in this time period you would struggle with heartbreak and depression.

Common themes in Dorothy Parkers’ work is heartbreak by men, and struggling with finding true love and finding happiness in life. Dorothy struggled with depression and alcoholism most of her adult life and this reflects through her work. “The One Perfect Rose” is part of a whole group of love poems that she wrote in about 1926. Some other poems in this group including “Men” and “The Love Song”. All three of these poems express Parker conflicted relationship with men. Like in the Poem “Men” it talks about how men are in high authority and they like to change you. “They’ll try to make you different;”, and “They can’t let you go”. Meaning men cling on to women and try to change them and make them be more like they are. Another one of Dorothy Parker poems is “The Love Song”, this poem is also about her struggle with men and how they are wonderful but she wishes her love lived far away in Asia and he was dead. “And I wished he lived in Asia”, and later she goes on to say in the last line,”And I wish somebody’d shoot him”. All three of these poems tie together her conflicts with men, and the struggles that come with love.

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