Rottweilers unique dogs

Where They're From

Rottweilers have a long history. They came from a big strong dogs that herded cows. Those dogs lived in Rome over 2,000 years ago.

What Size

Rottweilers are strong dogs and they weigh over 100 pounds. Rottweilers also have powerful jaws. Rottweilers are about 24 inches tall at there shoulders. Rottweilers are smart and brave and they look it.

Loyal Rottweilers

Rottweilers are very loyal dogs. They form strong bonds with their owners and they want to protect their homes and families. Friendly attention is good for Rottweilers.

Rottweiler Puppy

Most Rottweilers have eight to ten puppies in a litter. When Rottweilers are born they weigh about one pound. When Rottweilers are born they can not see or hear.

Rottweilers At Home And At Work

Some Rottweilers are just pets. And some have very special jobs like being a police dog or a guard dog. Rottweilers also are good service dogs.

Caring For Rottweilers

Rottweilers have to play outside and exercise a lot. You can not just keep Rottweilers inside.Rottweilers have to eat dry dog food. Rottweiler should not be fed can food.

Favorite Fact

Newborn Rottweilers can not see or hear and they are too weak to lift their heads up. They grow quickly and become strong.

My favorite thing about Rottweilers is that they are very protective bogs.


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