The mudslide By Matthew boyer

Deep in the lost Forest next to a mountain in South America is where it is rainy, hot, and humid. Flowers start to bloom with red, orange, and blue colors. The birds are chirping and the clouds are coming in. There is a clearing and in that clearing stands a little farm. On the farm lives man and his son named Dave and Bakhtiari. They have lived on this farm for 20 years.

But today is not nice the clouds are coming in and we can hear thunder in the distance. Rain starts coming down and we huddle in our house next to a fire. The rain starts coming down faster and faster. I went outside to get some wood and saw a huge mudslide barreling toward our house. It was like the ocean is coming full speed toward our house. Like a cloud suddenly turned into water and fell down the mountain.

"Dad," whispered Bakhtiari.

He is inside sleeping this whole time and doesn't know about the slide.

I have about thirty seconds. thought Bakhtiari.

I must get him. I open the door thinking he would be on the floor but he wasn't. I checked in his bed he wasn't there. I went outside and.

"Ahhh." Yelled Bakhtiari.

My dad scared me.

"Let's get out of here." commanded Dave.

We watched the mudslide hit our house consuming it like a snake eating a mouse. The mud was so deep we couldn't even see our roof. The mud was as deep as the ocean.

"I am so glad you are ok," said Bakhtiari.

"I am to son," responded Dave.

"How did you know a mudslide was coming," Asked Bakhtiari.

"Heard a rumble and went outside and saw basically a lake of mud coming at me," said Dave.

We started walking down our dirt road we made. Out of the blew a group of people walked though the road.

"Hay over here," screamed Bakhtiari.

"Bakhtiari watch out for bandits there are everywhere I got jumped before they beat me to a pulp like an orange getting juiced," advised Dave.

We slowly walked toward the group of people when some of them disappeared. Like mice disappearing into the fields.

"Dave weren't there five of them now there are three," Asked Bakhtiari.

I looked behind us and there were two of them. They started walking toward us I ran then boom I got close lined. We got dragged to a house in the middle of nowhere.

They brought us behind a car and told us to stay here. I looked over the car and saw a truck with people in it zip through the forest driving up the road full speed toward us.

"Eles estão vindo, Eles estão vindo," screamed a bandit.

A truck pulled up and soldiers got out the bandits pulled their guns. The soldiers started firing. Wis, boom, boom. You could feel the wind of the bullets going pasts my head. A bullet hit a gas can next to a truck it blew up sending a piece of metal into soldier knee. He fell to the ground. A bandit got hit in the solder sending his gun flying.

It fell a couple feet in front of me I started crawling toward it bullets hitting the ground just inches in front of me. I pulled back not wanting to get hit. I went for it again, I lunged toward the gun and grabbed it. I shot one bandit in the ankle twice. He fell still holding on to his rifle. I pulled the trigger again, click, click, click. I was out of ammo he lifted his barrel pointing it right in my face.

"tchau tchau," whispered a bandit.

Boom, he was shot in the hand he dropped his gun and ran it wasn't long before he was tackled. A second bandit fell with a bullet wound in the chest.

“DAVE,” cried Bakhtiari.

“Yeah, are you ok,” asked Dave.

“I'm ok but just a little shaken up by all the gunfire. I almost got shot like seven times and a dead person almost fell on me,” responded Bakhtiari.

“Help,” yelled Bakhtiari.

The nearest soldier ran over to assist me. He cut the zip tie around my hand. The soldier took me and my dad over to the truck and drove us back to our home.

“Well, this is going to take awhile,” said Bakhtiari.

“We will start first thing in the morning,” responded Dave.

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