Mason's Voices of Well-Being One Mason Student shares her story of how she enhances her well-being.

Mason's Voices of Well-being series features Keeley Hough, Mason Student and Program Assistant for Mason Rec. This is how Keeley practices her well-being:

"The way I enhance my well being would be taking my dogs for a walk. I have two dogs and they are so rambunctious. Whether it be in the fall with all the leaves everywhere or in the summer time and we have the smell of cut grass around us, we are always outside.
Going on a walk helps clear my mind and it helps me feel more relaxed because I feel like I also got in a good exercise. I try to go on walks with them everyday, if possible. My tip for others would be to take as many walks as possible with the people, or pets, around you. You will feel so relaxed after and it can help boost your energy for the rest of the day."

-Keeley Hough, Mason student and Program assistant at Mason Recreation.

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