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The first Toronto Audiofest was held at the Westin Toronto Airport Hotel on October 19th, 20th and 21st.

• PMC 2522 loudspeakers

• Custom bookshelf stand by Audio by Di Tomasso

SPL pre and power

Lumin U1 mini

Violinist Jinsul Doh - live !

Gary Di Tomasso had invited Mississagua Symphonic Orchestra violinist Jinsul Doh for the occasion. Mrs Doh played classical pieces accompanied by a pianist played back through the audio system. Listen for yourself.

By Robert Deutsch

I found this one almost by accident: the Audio by di Tomasso room was two doors down from the Saturn room, and I read in the show program that the di Tomasso room had PMC speakers, which had impressed me in the Saturn room. And the Audio by di Tomasso room turned out to be something of a find. The speakers were indeed PMCs, but stand-mounted 25/22s ($5200/pair) rather than the floorstanders in the Saturn room.

I don't know whether it was the speakers, electronics (Lumin V1 mini digital transport/streamer, $3000; SPL Director Pre/DAC, $4200, SPL Performer S800 amp, $4300) or some fortuitous combination of equipment and room acoustics, but the result was a kind of magic: music presented with natural sweetness and a minimum of artifacts, lacking only, as the speakers' size would dictate, low bass. This was one of my favorite rooms at the show, regardless of price (the total here being $17,500.)

• Triangle Delta loudspeakers

• VTL phono, preamplifier and amplifier

• Lumin A1 Streamer

• Stillpoints racking system

• XLO cables

Luke Manley of VTL and Bruce Jacobs of Stillpoints greeted clients all through the show. Some magic made Triangle Delta really sing! Triangle retailers will be busy after the show.

House of HiFi had a lovely combination of VTL and big Triangle floorstanders.

The result was meaty, visceral and aimed to engage.

Saturn Audio – This is the world premiere of Saturn Audio. Paired with PMC 2524 and Streaming from Lumin U1, the system sounded smooth and revealing.

For reporting on an audio show, the priority is equipment that's being introduced at the show, perhaps a piece of equipment that represents a US or a North American premiere. It's relatively rare to run across an entirely new line of audio equipment. I was then surprised to discover the Saturn line of equipment, which was receiving its world Premier at Toronto Audiofest. Designed by Gilbert Yeung of Blue Circle Audio, the line includes the 101/102C/103C power filters ($2499–$3950), 201 DAC ($4500), 501 solid-state preamp ($4550), and 601 solid-state amplifier ($4950). Phono preamp, headphone amplifier, and integrated amplifier are still to come. The system, which included PMC 5.24 loudspeakers ($9500/pair) sounded smooth as well as revealing. All Saturn products are manufactured and assembled in Canada.

PMC Integrated Amplifier

PMC FACT.8 loudspeakers

All that Jazz/iFi booth – Gord was busy selling his LP collection while promoting iFi products next to him. Thank you, Jared from iFi USA for answering all the technical questions and doing amazing demonstration with latest PRO iDSD DAC/Streamer

Headpfone Shop/HiFiMan – It is the debut of HIFIMAN latest HE1000 Se and HE5 Se in Canada. Headfiers cannot wait to have their own pair for those models.

Audio Excellence/iFi AC iPurifier – the superstar outside Audio Excellence McIntosh/Sona Faber room, is iFi’s AC iPurifier. This little hero has solved many problems for system owners at home, or magically improved many sound systems.

Even though Lily has been in the industry for the past 24 years, Lily feels that this “Lifetime achievement award” is still too early and too big for her. The achievement of Motet and XLO needs to be contributed to “lifetime experience” of all the dealers, reps and manufacturers and friends surrounded.

Thank you, Sarah and Michel to bring us such a warm feeling and fun event. See you in Montreal next March.


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