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Expulsion Of The Acadians

The Expulsion of the Acadians took place in 1775 - 1763, a total of eight years. Who was involved in the Expulsion? The British, French-speaking Acadians and the First Nations people.

The British and Acadians

The expulsion of the Acadians also known as; The Great Upheavel, The Great Expulsion, The Great Deportation, and Le Grande Derangement. It was the great removal by the British of the Acadian people, from the present day, Canadian Maritime provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

The Consequences of this act;

  • The Acadians lost their land
  • They lost their homes
  • The British take their land back
  • They still have problems with the french
  • They build their coast
The British Red Coats

I believe this event is historically significant because, the tension between New France and the British Colonies led to the expulsion of the Acadians. The British thought the Acadians were a threat to them because they were different, they spoke a different language, they had different ways to do things.

British authorities allowed acadians to return in small isolated groups. They returned slowly, settling in various locations on mainland Nova Scotia and Cape Brenton island others ended up in Newfoundland.

The War Of 1812

The War Of 1812 took place in 1812 - 1815, three years. The Americans, British and Europeans were involved in this act.

The war of 1812

There were alot of causes for this event. A series of trade bans introduced by the British to obstruct american trade with France, a country with which Britain was at war.

After the Treaty of Ghent, in February 1815 in the U.S. and Britain were officially at peace, but they were also in The War of 1812. Neither the U.S. or Britain gave up any territory during the war or as a result of the peace.

Treaty Of Utrecht Soldiers (present day)

I believe this event is historically significant because the causes of the war, the start of The War of 1812 were in a disagreement that raged in Europe for nearly two decades after the Napolean Bonaparte became First Consul (later Emperor) of France.

Neither the British or the Americans gained or lost territory during the War of 1812 the conflict had many results, including the establishment of the Canadian border, the end of British influence among the northwest Indians.

Treaty of Utrecht

The Treaty of Utrecht started in 1713 - 1714, it involved Spanish, Americans and French.

The causes were Europe at the beginning of the war of the Spanish Succession between England and France. Then the Treaty of Utrecht was signed in 1713 and brought to an end in 1714.

The immediate aims of Britain were achieved when France were driven from the Netherlands and Italy, and the crowns of Spain and France would not be united

The Treaty of Utrecht is significant because it ended the War of the Spanish Succession. I also think it was important because the country's got to keep their language and tradition, religion the same.


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