Welcome to Stevetopia A place where your life will be treasured

In Stevetopia, we believe that every life is important. Our community motto is "Live Life to the fullest!" This seal represents our value of life and our love for all people.

In Stevetopia, we have a mission statement to "create a world were each life is unique and important no matter what"
In Stevetopia, there are some requirements to be able to enter the community. One thing is you can not have a criminal record or anything on your record that is bad. (jail, driving tickets, ect.) Another requirement is you have to be against abortion. In our community, life is the center so any sort of killing is prohibited. Also, another requirement is that you need to be married or be in a family because people need to be with people.
In Stevetopia, there are 10 rules that people shall abide by. 1. Thou shalt not kill people or do abortion. 2. Thou shalt not call each other by any hurtful names. 3. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thy self. 4. Thou shalt not take in any harmful substance that would hurt thou body. 5. Thou shalt not steal or do thievery of any kind. 6. Thou shalt keep thy body and mind clean. 7. Thou shalt not drive till 15 years of age. 8. Thou shlat keep thou language clean. 9. Thou shalt respect and protect others and nature. 10. Thou shalt enjoy food at least once a day.
In Stevetopia, which is in the peaceful land of Canada, we have a very lenient schedule. You have to be to school by 9 and it ends at 1. The rest is your choice, except at some time during the day you have to do a service for someone to show that there life is important.
Our Government style is anarchy because in Stevetopia we belive no one is above or below one another and that we are all equal.
If you come to Stevetopia, you will feel like your life is important and that there is a reason to life. If you want a place of peace, a place to be happy, a place to relax and kick up your feet, then this is the place for you. WELCOME TO STEVETOPIA!!

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