2017 is... By : Ruth bekele

I believe that 2017 will be a year full of brand technology. The U.S. is known for the futuristic ideas. Although 2016 and years before, had a lot of advancements in their technology, I think that 2017 will find the best of the future in their technology.
My overall goal for this year is to be a better person. At times I just want to be lazy and not do homework, so I don't and I get a bad grade. This year I will pur all my effort in schoolwork and I won't slack off. I also want to become humble and realize that I might not always be this fortunate. I want to spiritually connect with God and find the better in me. And I get angry easily at times, so I want to learn to control my anger. I want to be as peaceful as a silent beach.
As the year goes by I believe that the community will get more and more disconnected. Everyone will still be focused all on electronics, no one will communicate face to face anymore. The whole community will be separated by their phones and will constantly be on it.
I believe that our relations globally will grow closer on hatred. The world will go to war because of terrorism and the President Elect Donald Trump. These two reasons will be such a bad impact to the United States and the World. America might be the wealthiest country but it for sure wont be the most liked.


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