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Hello EduMagicians,

Thank you for joining me on this journey of a summer book study. It is my favorite time of year. I love the sun, surf, ice cream for dinner ( you feel me, right?), lightening bugs, and diving into books. It is the perfect time get into a teacher read either poolside with a drink with a fancy straw and fruit or with your toes in the sand. Alright friend, let's get into the nitty gritties.

Dr. Sam with rolled ice cream

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I can't wait to connect with YOU!

- Dr. Sam Fecich

Week 1 Prompts

Hey friends, we are starting off our book study by reading the Introduction and chapter "E" . So grab your favorite coffee of tea and start reading. Please respond to the prompts below by posting on Twitter. Don't forget to use #Yes RI and #EduMagic in your posts!

Question 1: Please create a graphic in canva or adobe spark to introduce yourself to the group. Get creative with it!

This graphic may come in handy during Twitter chats, voxer groups, and other connections made online. They are super fun to make and easy to share and introduce yourself in a fun way. Here is mine- what do you think? Let's connect!

Question 2: In EduMagic I share about my passion for getting to know students. "I am a firm believer in the old saying by Teddy Roosevelt, “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” which is so true for our students. We need to start day one with building those relationships, and with a culture of respect and rapport in our classrooms, no matter what subject area or grade level we teach!" (Fecich, 2018). How do you get to know your students beyond the student interest survey?

Question 3: "Why I Teach". I feel like an opened book in this chapter because I share the reasons why I got into teaching. So, friends, why do you teaching? Whoa, that is a loaded question. Why do you want to be an educator? When I ask students about this seemingly simple question, I usually get one of two answers. I either get “I love kids,” or “I’ve wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember.” Those aren’t wrong answers – I mean you wouldn’t be a teacher if you didn’t at least like kids, but I’m looking for something deeper. What makes you stand out from the other candidates who also love children?

Scroll to the bottom of this section to see the interactive activity - light bulb moment.

Rare footage of me during student teaching in 2004! Flashback!
At Clairview, a school for students with special needs in Pennsylvania, I taught students with multiple disabilities. I wanted to be an educator who helps students find their voices through augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices.I was the teacher that dragged the smartboard out of the closet and tried new things.I guess you can say, I taught for the smiles.
In addition to teaching students, I also provided professional development to the faculty and staff on a variety of educational technology tools. This is where my thoughts about why I teach changed. I wanted to grow more and to share my knowledge with other educators. I enjoyed teaching other teachers so much that I decided to pursue my PhD in learning design and technology at Penn State University.
Now I am teaching future educators at Grove City College. My reason for becoming a professor has been influenced by my amazing colleagues, like my mentor, Connie Nichols. She teaches to impact classrooms that she will never see through the work of our pre-service educators. I want to do the same, raising up the next generation of teachers to become educators of excellence with some edumagic sparkle.
It is so important to keep your “why” in mind when you are an education major. It is like a hot cup of coffee during an 8:00 A.M. exam in winter – it will keep you fueled. Think back to your why. Why are you a teacher? Why are you impacting students? Schools? Districts? Countries? The world? You may be thinking to yourself, “The world? Yeah right, come on Sam. The world? I am just a teacher.” Friends, You are NEVER just a teacher.

Let's have a light bulb moment together.

Use the image to below to create your own "Why I Teach" light bulb moment. You can either print out this image or save it to your device. Edit it as you see fit and share it out on social media with your reason(s) as to WHY you teach!

Print or save this image - edit it and share it!

Week 2 Prompts

Hey friends, welcome to week 2 of our book study! So grab your favorite coffee of tea and start reading chapters "D" and "U". Please respond to the prompts below by posting on Twitter. Don't forget to use #Yes RI and #EduMagic in your posts!

Question 4: Digital Presence: This chapter is all about harnessing your digital presence. You can really get a lot from developing and updating your own digital portfolio or blog. I use my blog to reflect on best practices, shine a light on the word of educators from around the world, and post my thoughts/ideas. If you don't have a blog or digital portfolio - yet - please check out the chapter and create one! It is never too early or too late! If you already have a blog or website please take a minute and update it! Share something you did the summer that impacted you as a teacher, do you have a favorite tech tool you want to try out? Give it a go! Once you have your website created or updated share it out! You may want to update your image that you created for question 1 and include you website. Be sure you add your site to your twitter and or Instagram profiles!

Question 5: Unite your PLN : We are going to do just that! Digital presence and a PLN go together like s'mores and a campfire! So let's gain s'more PLN power players! This week add to your PLN by following 25 educators, administrators, ed companies, you get the drift. Then post your top 5 people to follow on Twitter and WHY you suggest others add them to their PLN. You may even want to get fancy shmancy and create a graphic for each person you recommend! Let's grow and learn from one another this week.

Example of shout out using canva!

Your journey has been laid out before you, and as you embark upon your path know this: you are a professional educator, you are valued, you have a voice. Now let's get this party started!

Week 3 Prompts

Hey friends, welcome to week 3 of our book study! So grab your favorite coffee of tea and start reading chapters "M" , "A", and "G". Please respond to the prompts below by posting on Twitter. Don't forget to use #Yes RI and #EduMagic in your posts!

Question 6: Megapixels - everything is better with sprinkles! Choose a lesson that you taught last year and think about ways you can add some megapixels to it! Share how you can put some sprinkles on the lesson.

Question 7 A - Always be. This chapter is all about being a good human (or teacher!). It is a montage of sayings and ways of thinking. Which section in this chapter resonated with you? Add a gif or picture to your tweet and share how it resonated with you.

Question 8: Get out! - This was one of my favorite chapters! Share about how you got out (or plan to get out) of your regularly scheduled programming, comfort zone, or out of your classroom this summer!

This picture was in the vendor hall at ISTE where I was able to reflect on who I am and my WHY.

This summer I participated in an online book study, attended ISTE 2019 in Philadelphia, and I plan to hit up a couple of Edcamps before the summer is over!

Week 4 Prompts

Hey friends, welcome to week 4of our book study! So grab your favorite coffee of tea and start reading chapters "I" and "C". Please respond to the prompts below by posting on Twitter. Don't forget to use #Yes RI and #EduMagic in your posts!

Question 9: Inconceivable - We know from experience that technology can make the impossible, possible. Share out one example from your teaching experience where you used #edtech to make a project meaningful, authentic, or add in the 4 Cs (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity) into a lesson.

Question 10: Co-ops gone virtual - Twitter and Instagram are full of teachers out there to help YOU! As teachers we want to give back in a positive professional way and to instill the love of learning with the next generation of teachers. Share on social media 5 teacher mentors (tag them if you can) that your recommend others to follow. Below are some resources to help you with mentorship. They also offer great resources to connect with others!

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