The Sun It is helpful and harmful

What does the sun look like?

We think it look like this

But in reality

It looks like this

And this...

The sun is beneficial - The sun helps us

But how?

Heat - we would be frozen without it!
Light - We couldn't see without it!
Sleep - it helps our bodies function
The Sun emits special rays that warm the earth and make sure our bodies work the way they are supposed to

The sun can also be harmful. It will hurt us if we are not careful!


Sunburn - Ouch! Don't stay in the sun too long...
Eyes - don't look at the sun! the sun can damage your vision

How do we know all of this? Let's go outside and find out!

Created By
David Scalf III


Created with images by Darren Foreman - "Sun" • MICOLO J Thanx 4, 3m views - "Sun through the low cloud-Exp" • alexisnyal - "sun" • liberalmind1012 - "sun" • Moyan_Brenn - "Blue ice" • kloxklox_com - "ceiling lamp lamp chandelier" • congerdesign - "cat cat face sleep" • sarahbernier3140 - "father daughter beach" • FreeWorld - "children children playing children's"

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