Pour Over How to create the perfect pour over


The art of the pour over has become a bit of a mystery to most people. In reality it's one of the easiest ways to create an amazing cup of coffee with a limited number of tools. If done right you should have a cup of coffee reminiscent of one from a drip coffee maker, but noticeably more delicate and complex. It's also much more of a sensory experience. Allowing you to smell the aromas of the 'bloom' and connecting with the origin and the roaster in a way you never thought possible.

Tools you'll need

Hario V60, Hario White V60 Filters, Hario Digital Scale, Burr Grinder & a Goose neck Kettle

Step 1

Bring at least 600 grams (20oz) of water to a boil. Boil double the amount of water than the size of coffee you plan to make. We will need this extra water in Step 3.

Step 2

Grind 30g of coffee to a coarseness that resembles sea salt. We are going to use a ratio of 23 grams of coffee for every 350 grams of water

Step 3

Place the V60 on the top of your coffee mug or pitcher

Now take some of your boiling water (this is why we boiled extra) and pre-wet and warm the V60 and mug/pitcher. Once the filter has been fully wetted, then discard the extra water and place the V60 back on the top of the mug/pitcher

Step 4

Add the ground coffee to the filter and gently tap the V60 to level the surface of the grounds. Place the mug/pitcher, V60 with coffee onto the digital scale and zero the scale.

Step 5

There will be a total of 4 pours while brewing this pour over. The 1st pour is called the 'Bloom'. You will pour 60 grams of water into this 1st pour. This allows all the coffee grounds to absorb water and release the Co2 that is trapped within the coffee. The coffee grounds will begin to rise and create a bloom. Let the coffee bloom for 30 secs.

Step 6

Starting in the center of the grounds, pour in a steady spiral towards the outer edge of coffee grounds and then back to the center. You will pour in a slow and controlled spiral motion until you have reached 150g on the scale. (You shouldn't have zero'd the scale after the bloom, this includes our 60 gram bloom). Then allow the coffee to brew for 20-30 secs.

Step 7

As the water starts to fully recede from the coffee grounds (towards the end of the 20-30 secs) now pour an additional 100 grams of water to bring your total water weight to 250 grams. This pour should last 15-20 secs.

Step 8

As the water starts to fully recede from the coffee grounds complete your fourth and final pour. Add an additional 100 grams of water, brining your total water weight to 350 grams. This last and final pour should last 15-20 secs.

Enjoy a fine cup of coffee!


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