Ariel by tatiana trejo

summary: Ariel is a girl who lives in the sea with her father, grandma and her five sisters. when each one of them turns 15 years old they rise to the surface,When it comes her turn to go up she sees a human who falls in love at first sight of him and after she fight for him because she love him.
my favorite character is Ariel because she does her best to get what she wants, and also she protect her family and friends. Take good care of what she have
i like this movie because is cute lively and is about a mermaid princess who falls in love with a human, someone that isn't of her race is a different .
i recommended this movie to one of my friends because is interesting and beautiful


Created with images by Sam Howzit - "Ariel" • jared422_80 - "Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom - New Fantasyland - Voyage Of The Little Mermaid - Ariel & Prince Eric" • ecooper99 - "Ariel - watercolor" • Claudiana2008 - "Ariel" • Mark & Paul Luukkonen - "0427_Disney2014_MK01_NewFantasyland_UnderTheSea_Ursula"

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