Ismael's Photovoice

Week 1:

For my familiar object I chose a flower because it looks good in the light. I took it in my backyard in the morning
for my selfie I chose a selfie with me and Mateo because we look awesome and it was taken in Social Studies.
I chose my dog as part of my family bc he's very loyal and he's cute

WEEk 2

this is a vertical snapshot I took of Nate with a depth effect and it looked really good so I used it. It was take during lunch
this is a horizontal portrait of Gavin as a really cool under cooked bum nugget.
this is a horizontal snapshot of my friends Ian and Nate.

week 3

This is Garrett and his Minecraft gaming addiction . he is hanging up on a call because he just wants to concentrate on his game.
now he is back to his game and going to his village.

week 4

I want to take 2 new photos that represent a serious gaming addiction. They are going to be with someone surrounded be computers and a pc and a gameplay of Fortnite Because Many people nowadays are addicted to this Game.

My message for the final photo is to not get addicted to video games or games in general because then that will be your exuses for everything and that will be your lonely and selfish life.

week 5:

There Are 2 types of Gamers In this world The Athletes and Regular people who Play for fame and money and the Addicts Who Just Play until they die. Which one are You?

week 6:

Half a million people die annually in the United States from addiction. 1.5% of those deaths are caused by gaming addiction. But gamers file into two extremes, addicts who play until they die and get kicked out of they’re mum’s basement and athletes who earn fame and money for playing. They play a lot but they stream so people can see them and they end up getting fame for playing and later on end up getting money for it. We now live in a society that rewards addictive behavior and people relax watching it. But others just play until they cant play anymore. This is important because i Know a lot of kids who can or are gaming addicts. This matters because kids today have to focus on school.
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