Tour of the Harn Sydni Liotta

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: This pieced is the Male Royal Ancestor Mask (Bwoom) 1939 by the Kuba people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Seeing this piece in person was special to me because it was interesting to see the different textures and the time put into crafting the mask. The materials used were wood, copper, raffia, beads, and cowries. This mask is supposed to represent all common people and his identity is fused with his subjects. I think that the medium in this mask matches the meaning because there are so many different aspects to the mask, as there are with people. The beads and the copper represent the wealth of the mask and of the man wearing it so it was good to see it in person in order to recognize the intricate parts of it. I found the detailing of the cowries on the mask amazing because you could tell that a lot of time was put into making it. It meant to me that when a person puts a certain amount of time into something, the result can be beautiful even if the work seems tedious.
Design of the Museum: I was surprised at how nice the art museum was. I did not expect such a vast and well kept museum. I liked how the exhibits were broken into sections and how the sections correlated with the regions. One of the ones I particularly enjoyed was the Asian section. I like how they related all of the different cultures in one wing. It was interesting to see how they vary and how they are similar. The Korean section was particularly interesting with the statues of Buddha and their gods. I did notice the lighting was a little darker in the Korean section which set a nice mood. The use of space was interesting because they had big pieces in the middle and then little pieces around it. The exhibit made me feel as if I was part of their culture.
Art and Core Values:

Art and Core Values: I do not typically consider myself a feminist but when I saw this picture I was upset at the lack of equality. This piece by the Guerilla Girls made me upset because 96% of artists in the Modern section are not women. Yet of all of the nudes in the museum, 76% are women. This piece brought to my realization that the female body is being exploited in order to get into the Metropolitan Museum. I don't believe that using the naked body in art is incorrect but I don't think that it should be necessary to be displayed in a museum. This is another example of men and women using the female body for success because they see it as their only outlet. One of my core values is to respect everyone equally and not exploit items or body in order to be successful. I cherish it when there is equal respect for everyone. This piece reaffirms my beliefs that there needs to be change in the equality spectrum.

Art and the Good Life:

Art and the Good Life: This piece Street Scene, Market Place by Jonas Lie depicts a fish market in the Gammel Strand of Copenhagen, Denmark. He takes great care in order to contrast the fishmongers in their bonnets and aprons with the cosmopolitan dress of the men and women visiting the stalls. The good life theme that I understood from this would be working toward your goals and people being decent to one another. The fishmongers are biding their time and working hard to make money, while the cosmopolitan shoppers are already successful but seem pleasant to the sellers. Everyone seems pleasant to one another in this photo and that is what I like. I am not looking for the most exciting life but I am looking for a pleasant life. This is my version of the good life. People being pleasant to one another and no strife. I appreciate it when people are not nasty to one another and do not believe that they are better than one another.

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