Greek Cuisine By:KIley Lynch

There is about 8,497.87 miles of coastline. Typical elevations are at 2,500 meters.

Mainland Greece covers about 80% of its territory and largely mountains. Estimate number of islands is between 1,200 and 6,000.

Greece has many hazards like sever earthquakes, drought, floods and while fires, current environmental issues is air pollution and water pollution. Sheep and goats are the main livestock in Greece. Provides them with meat, wool and milk.

Even the Greek Constitution guarantees freedom of faith, but defines the "prevailing religion" of Greece as the Eastern Orthodox Church of Christ. Most Greeks, whether deeply religious or not, revere and respect the Orthodox Christian faith, attend church, observe major religious holiday and are emotionally attached to Orthodox Christianity as their "national" religion. Seasonings and herbs like dill, mint, oregano and lemon rinds also form an important part of the recipes while olive oil is added to almost every dish. Wheat, rice and meat, traditionally lamb, but also chicken, pork, beef and fish, form the staple diet.

Ancient Greek proteins: Dried fish steaks were traded and sold in markets. Fish was easier to serve than meat, because to serve meat you first had to arrange to sacrifice it, and with fish you didn't. The first tuna caught in a good year, though, would be offered to Poseidon. Meat was never eaten before it was sacrificed; this in their mind showed a respect for the life of an animal by dedicating it to a god.

Ancient Greek Beverages: It was during the festivals that cows or pigs were sacrificed to the gods, and the meat was cooked and handed out to the public. Wine was the main drink in ancient Greece. It was watered down; to drink it straight was considered barbaric. Milk was rarely drunk, because again, it was considered barbaric.

Large saucepans: And lots of them! Greek food is usually cooked in large quantities, and things like moussaka can require three or four pans on the stove at once. Steel souvlaki skewers: If you can get hold of them these are much better than wooden ones because you can fit more meat on them, they stronger and don’t break or burn and they’re reusable.

Symposia were usually held in the andrōn (ἀνδρών), the men's quarters of the household. The participants, or "symposiasts", would recline on pillowed couches arrayed against the three walls of the room away from the door. Food and wine were served. Entertainment was provided, and depending on the occasion could include games, songs, flute-girls or boys, slaves performing various acts, and hired entertainment.

The decipherment of the "Linear B" script brought to light valuable information about the production, the commerce and the export of the olive oil in Mycenaean Greece as we can see in the palace records of Mycenae and Pylos. The olive tree was a symbol in ancient Greece and the olive oil was used not only for its valuable nutritional quality but also for medical purposes.

Arni – Lamb, Brizola – Steak, Feta – A rich cheese made from sheep or goat’s milk and cured in brine, Filo – Paper-thin sheets of unleavened flour dough,Kotopoulo – Chicken, Lathera – Dishes cooked in oil, often vegetarian, Meli – Honey, Mezedes – Small dishes, similar to the Spanish concept of tapas, Octapodi – Octopus, traditionally served grilled, Pikilia – An assortment of appetizers, Pita – A round pocket bread dipped in spreads or used with meat dishes, Psito – A method for roasting meat in the oven, Tapsi – A traditional baking dish, Taverna – A small restaurant serving traditional cuisine, Yiaourti – Yogurt


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