Blog tools in the classroom Carla Ross


(Schrock, 2013)

This analysis will outline how I would use blogs in the classroom in relation to the SAMR model. Firstly, I created a mock textile technology assignment website that students will use in order to complete their assessment task. Secondly, blogs can be used by students to complete their design project by guiding students through all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.


  • At the substitution level, the teacher can use the blog tool to provide students with learning resources that will assist them in completing their design project. The blog will also enable students to interact and ask questions to teachers and peers, therefore this will use the remembering and understanding levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.


  • At this stage students can use their blog in order to remember, understand, apply and evaluate.
  • Weekly activities posted on the class blog will provide students the opportunity to begin researching different themes, ideas, background information for their design.


  • At the modification level, students can then use a blogging tool in order to create their own reflective process journal as they complete the assessment task. Students will be able to post their reflections weekly about what they are doing as a modification to a handwritten process journal.


  • At the redefinition level, students can interact globally with other designers and experts and use information and inspiration from these individuals within their own blog through the use of video, public forums and other functions to allow further exploration and collaboration between others.
  • The reflective blog will completely replace the traditional handwritten process journal, which will enable students to share their journey and design project with their peers and the wider community like a professional blogging designer would.

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