Science Fiction by Clare O'Beara

A Dublin hacker teams up with a London reporter. The future of journalism... is dangerous.
Offworld immigrants have jobs varying from picking mushrooms in a disused Tube station, to maintaining the Thames Barrier against flooding.
For every offworlder who works in London ballet, there's one who plots a takeover.
These journalists will go anywhere for a story, even street riots; but South America may be too big for the team.
A murder in Kensington, an offworlder suspect.
Image courtesy of NASA.

Clare O’Beara is a tree surgeon and expert witness, an environmental journalist, and a former national standard showjumper. Author of 18 books of crime, science fiction, YA fiction and non-fiction. Winner, Blog Of The Year, in the National Student Media Awards, 2021.

Created By
Clare O'Beara


Photography by Clare O'Beara and NASA.