International Women's Day 2018 Women's Economic Empowerment Global Live Kicks Off a ONE Month International Women's Day (IWD) Celebration & the Launch of the 2018/2019 WEE Global Live Commitment to Results tour!

Our founder and 2017 UN Empower Women Champion for Change, Roxana Damas, along with the WEE Global Live team members, and our network of Women Empowerment organizations kicked off 2018 International Women's HerStory month with extraordinary results! It was a marathon of events. We had the honor to share our platform, knowledge, contacts, and also help promote an incredible number of women-focused events globally. It was a pleasure to work with key partners around the world to make this exciting month happen and launch our 2018/19 WEE Global Live Tour and Global Impact Agenda. Check out what happened here through this showcase gallery and summary.

Roxana Damas, UN Empower Women Champion for Change & Founder of WEE Global Live| CEO of Diversity RD Global
Growing up, I witnessed so many good examples of women thriving, but I also saw many atrocities committed towards women and human rights abuse that was unacceptable. It never settled right with me to see the imbalance and particularly towards women. At eight years old, I became determined to help women and underserved communities thrive! I am humbled and honored to continue this journey. Thank you for joining me. ~ Roxana Damas

IWD 2018 Events

  • Inspiring Women, Guayaquil + SF International Women Entrepreneurs Forum (March 6th 2018)
  • #PetalsforProgress partnership with FTD Flowers and POPSUGAR New York, Toledo Ohio, Atlanta Georgia, 3 cities in California (March 7th, 8th and 9th 2018)
  • Women for Women Ecuador- Primer encuentro mujeres de Silicon Valley y Quito (March 10th, 2018)
  • 2018 Hispanic Business Leader Award- Diversity RD Global- Solano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (March 10th, 2018)
  • I Do Not Deserve to be Hurt Campaign Sacramento by From Storm to Rainbow Ministries. (March 24th, 2018)
  • Human Rights for Women and Girls: Promise Fulfilled or Just Dreams? by United Nations Association East Bay, Berkeley (March 28th, 2018)

We reached over 11,000 women and allies in our in-person events. Over a 1000 women attended our conferences + 10,000 bouquets distributed in NYC and 500 roses given to WEE Partner events in the U.S. Our social media efforts were active with over 600K people reached in 3 days, and 200K+ viewers and listeners of traditional media in 1-month! We can't wait for what is coming up. Check this out and join us in our commitment to put action behind our words, ideas, forums, event, etc. We all get enough rhetoric- Let's get things done!

INSPIRING WOMEN 2018- foro de liderazgo

Cristina Paez -The Queen of this night AND the ONLY FEMALE EVER to serve on the Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce. She inspires us and as a promise to her and the women who reached out to us about their experiences in the business world. WEE Global Live will be returning and be partnering with Cristina Paez and women leaders of Ecuador. Stay tuned this is only the beginning and yes ladies and gentlemen we need to work together to engage more women in chambers of commerce not only in Guayaquil but across the globe! We will start with Cristina first. Please applaud her resilient spirit and the power of her work, influence, and network that made this incredible night happen.
Pablo Arosemena Marriott- President of Guayaquil's Chamber of Commerce - Opening the night highlighting the importance of women's leadership in entrepreneurship in Ecuador. Thank you to the Ecuadorian Businessmen who were present leading the charge for change.
These women are true inspiration and leaders. What a powerful night of leadership and support to women's empowerment! Left to right- Roxana Damas, Elizabeth Rojas, Mercedes Guzman, Isabel Saenz-Conz, Maria Fernanda Corral, Cristina Paez
Camara de Comercio de Guayaquil Award presented by the President of The Chamber Pablo Arosemenda Marriott and Maria Cristina Paez Board Director
Mercedes Guzman international speaker and presenter of how to heal your inner child brought all her positive energy to encourage the women of Guayaquil to continue growing their entrepreneurial spirit.
Did you check-out Roxana's Spanglish in honor of Selena? Yes- Believe ladies. Believe! The focal point of her presentation was to help motivate women to rebuild after a personal loss, build their creative spirit using free tools to grow their business and knowledge to release fear, and launch their goals!
Isabel Saenz-Cons Meet the lady with the magic who made all these connections happen from Silicon Valley to Ecuador! Her presentation was on fire making sure Latin American Women understand the meaning of the future of work and tech in their lives. She also enticed women to identify why they need to build their entrepreneurial dreams. There is no doubt Isabel will be back to Ecuador to continue to influence change, and she will actively continue to promote women's leadership in Silicon Valley.
Maria Fernanda Corral from Women for Women Ecuador, a woman dedicated to having an impact on all women’s lives, particularly of young girls. She opened up by sharing the most pressing needs and opportunities of Women in Ecuador with a powerful presentation geared to the local need of Ecuadorian women. She is also the leader of our second conference in Quito, Ecuador. (more details below).
Elizabeth Rojas-Levi Director of Government Affairs at Nokia for Americas region- shared a bit of her success story and trends in tech. She is from Ecuador moved to DC a place that provided her a global reach and to Latin America. This event marked her first time back to Ecuador presenting in her hometown to share her knowledge about technology and the future of Blockchain. Her presentation brought an in-depth understanding of policy, technology, and business. Stay alert to what she shares next and particularly her influence in Latin America. Elizabeth is a changemaker committed to enhancing communities through technology and policy.
We applaud the Guayaquil sponsors that made it known they want to support Ecuadorian Women grow in leadership! Guayaquil Sponsors you all ROCK! You inspired the Women in Ecuador and abroad. Thank you!
Passing the torch for women is critical and so is passing the mic. The microphone is power to reach the masses! Keep going ladies and do it with a smile. We enjoyed the Q&A session and getting to understand more about the ladies from Guayaquil.
Yes! It was a full house - no empty seats. Ecuadorian women were present, eager, and ready to continue growing in business. Pay attention Ecuador these women will lead the charge of women's economic empowerment!


FTD FLOWERS, POPSUGAR, & UN Empower Women Champion for Change Roxana Damas Partner for the #PetalsForProgress campaign to kick off a 1-month of International Women's History Month and 1-year tour of WEE Global Live.
#PETALSFORPROGRESS IWD2018 - CAMPAIGN WITH FTD FLOWERS & POPSUGAR. Read more about our partnership at www.roxandamas.soy
FTD Flowers Global Campaign with Headquarters in New York City
Thank you. Rita Vanessa Siniscalchi and Latinas Think Big for your long-term support to our founder and WEE Global Live. It was great to have you participate and receive beautiful flowers from FTD to be able to recognize you with a small symbol of gratitude for all the great things you do for women's empowerment..

FTD Flowers Lead Designer- Andrea Ancel- Joined us for a live stream on @WEEGlobalLive International Women's Day Facebook Live Session stationed in New York City to share about her journey as an entrepreneur transitioning to Corporate America. Her story inspired many women from our UN Empower Women & WEE Global Live partnerships. Thank you for the support and sharing your experience. Our followers continue to reach out about this session. More details about her live-stream to follow the summer of 2018. (See Facebook @WEEGlobalLive)

Facebook Live Session
IWD Partner Events Recipients of #PetalsforProgress
BizMujer and founder Keren S. Granados were one of our first partner events that received the #PetalsforProgress flowers. These outstanding ladies lead the charge for progress in the Latina business community of Atlanta. We are looking forward to more of your excellent work.
#PetalsforProgress #BizMujer
Women of Toledo and their Executive Director- fellow Empower Women Champion Nina Corder are one of the first partners of WEE Global Live 2017 from its inception. This organization is an example of how to mobilize a community. Toledo, Ohio has a jewel and leadership development! It is an honor to be able to support your work with a token of our appreciation #PetalsforProgress


Women for Women Ecuador hosted a full day conference on March 10th bringing leaders from the U.S., Quito, and Latin American region to discuss the business, tech, and opportunities to transform women's leadership.

#PetalsforProgress #WEEGlobalLive #IWD2018 @Roxanadamas @WeeGlobalLive
This month was filled with beautiful roses everywhere we went. These roses were donated to Women for Women Ecuador by a local florist and female business owner who believes in moving women's economic influence in Ecuador.
Ready to moderate the panel: Technology, the future of work, and entrepreneur opportunities. "This event is a dream come true and in my hometown. We are here to inspire and make a difference. I want to bring what I have learned from the entrepreneurial spirit of San Francisco." ~Isabel Saenz-Cons
Thank you to Ecuador's press that made themselves available and provided amazing coverage about both events in the country and Latina American region as well as social media outlets. Click below to check out one of the articles.

Women for Women Ecuador provided a full day conference that opened up the dialogue of the state of women and women's influence in Ecuador. It also offered a well-balanced set of presentations shared between local Ecuadorian leaders and International leaders. The sessions included an intense discussion about technology, business, banking, professional growth, entrepreneurship, and opportunities to reduce barriers and increase success. Presenters ranged from UN Women Ecuador local leaders, localized agenda with a global vision, and gender issues discussion. The session also provided networking opportunities from IMAQTO- Quito local tech industry and so much more.

Stay tuned to our channel for video clips and full presentations from this event.

women in music- closing ceremony

Women for Women Ecuador- opened up the opportunity for our founder to share her passion for what led her to the women's empowerment path which was music.

Roxana Damas joined by Guitarist Eduardo Saenz, and the Director of Diversity and Inclusion of Pfizer in Ecuador through a show focused on sharing the voices, leadership, and empowerment of women in music. Check out this 1st part of the show. (More videos of the show will be uploaded soon with bonus leadership coaching notes)

Women in music and entertainment are critical to our growth and visibility in every industry and space. This impact on public discourse is why it is crucial for me to always share music as a transformation platform. ~ www.roxanadamas.com
Recognizing Women In Business Leadership

solano hispanic chamber of commerce awards on IWD 2018

Special thanks to the Solano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for recognizing our founder and business as the 2018 Hispanic Business Leader! It was such a treat and honor to receive this award during one of our most active seasons leading global activities for women's empowerment on International Women's Day.

WEE Global's PARENT COMPANY DIVERSITY RD GLOBAL is awarded THE 2018 HISPANIC BUSINESS LEADERSHIP AWARD- Award received by Mario Damas in honor of our Founder.


From Storm to Rainbow Ministries- Director Marsha Guyton


Saturday, March 24th- Sacramento, CA opened up a one of a kind space for discussion about some of the most taboo topics within religious institutions regardless of denomination. It was an extraordinary experience to deliver information, knowledge, and resources for communities that are still working on new initiatives to prevent violence prevention to women.

From Storm to Rainbow Ministries - Joining the #PetalsforProgress campaign. Thank you, FTD Flowers, for making our partners feel special on a day of sharing so many painful stories. It is great to see something beautiful after the storm.
A valuable lesson to learn is that abuse happens in any community, and to see a change we must share our stories and support. Thank you worship leaders for speaking your truth.
Keynote Speaker: Roxana Damas wearing her Gender Violence Expert hat led a session to discuss the importance and involvement of Churches and advocates for communities of color going through domestic violence, sexual abuse, and human trafficking. This presentation is the first of an ongoing partnership with this ministry in hopes to increase knowledge, visibility, and resources for underserved populations in the U.S. (Next event coming in August of 2018)


Human Rights for Women and Girls: Promised fullfilled or Just Dreams?

Press for Progress, the 2018 United Nations theme for International Women’s Day, was a call to action to achieve gender parity. Our panel of experts explored the theme through the lens of the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

Keynote Speaker: Keshet Bachan-Dvorat - Vice President of Partnership and Policy, US National Committee UN Women San Francisco
Rita Maran 2018 United Nations Association- USA Human Rights Awardee and Liliane Koziol Ph.D. UNA-East Bay Events Committee Chair
  • Panelists: Dr. Patricia Valdespino Castillo - Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Topic: Women in science
  • Nathalie Delrue McGuire - Honorary Consul of Belgium Topic: Women in diplomacy
  • Antonia Lavine - Coordinator, San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking Topic: Human Trafficking
  • Beverly Upton - Executive Director, San Francisco Domestic Violence Consortium Topic: Domestic Violence
  • Moderator: Roxana Damas - UNA-USA East Bay Chapter Board Member
  • Performances: Lee Kane’s Theater Dance Program - Dancers Samantha Kane, Lea Schickler, Olivia Braun, & Roan Pearl Melanie O'Reilly - Celtic Jazz professional singer/composer, Musician-in-Residence at the University of California Berkeley
United Nations Association- East Bay Joined the #PetalsforProgress campaign honoring our local Women's Empowerment leaders. Thank you, FTD Flowers, Peets Coffee, and local partners who helped this event be successful. (If you are interested in becoming more involved with the United Nations Association becoming involved:

we are ready for the 2nd half of 2018 with women leading the way for transformation!

Thank you to all of our sponsors, partners, fellow leaders, and all the attendees. We are looking forward to continue working with you in one of the best years we have experienced supporting women globally.

It is our time for change and make sure to stay connected through our social media, website, events, and newsletters. There is more coming soon! We are ready for the WEE Global Live kick off tour through 2019... Join us!

One of our primary goals this year is to bring less talk and more action to all of our work and partnerships. Our first WEE Global Live event was a success for only having 27 days to create and execute a global event as part of our UN Champions for Change project.

We had many learnings but above all so much engagement and questions than we were prepared to respond to on such short notice. We heard you, and because of it many new opportunities are coming up, and we have created a scholarship fund to help more of our participants thrive. You now have the exclusive chance to become part of our founding donation members. To donate to our Alquimia Global & WEE Global Live scholarship collaborative project click below:

For more information of how you can become involved as a volunteer, intern, partner agency or sponsor please email: rdamas@diversityrd.com

Let's Create

Interested in more events and coaching opportunities? Visit the link below. | *** ¿Interesada en mas eventos y oportunidades de obtener sesiones de coach de vida? Visita el siguiente enlace.

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