battering ram Castle warfare

A siege is where different kingdoms attack each other. The Knights also surrounded the kingdom so the people in the castle could starve to death. The Knights would also camp in front of the castle until the other people would come out.

Battering Ram is where the Knights would carry a big giant log around the Knights would also use it to knock down doors to fight the other Knights because the other Knights would want them to burst through the door so the other Knights would get the first hit on the other Knights.
The Knights would move this to from the kingdom to another kingdom so the Knights can get into the kingdom sometimes The Knights would hide in those just to get into the castle and start a war and some kingdoms never give up and keep fighting if some kingdoms win one and lose they would never give up.
The weapons of the Knights would use axes swords bows and mace spear and a war hammer these weapons helped the Knights protect them from different weapons and the Knights would also wear chained armor to protect their body from weapons the Knights would also use the weapons to protect the lord from the other knights.

Knights would use chained armor in war but some different Knights from other kingdoms like metal and if the armour was not that strong it would be easy for other Knights to win.


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