human trafficking

what is human trafficking?

human trafficking is illegally taking people from one area to another to force them to do hard labor or sexual things.

it is also the same thing as being a slave because they have no control over themselves and have to do what someone else says.

the age range of girls to be trafficked is 11 to 18 years old, they brainwash them into thinking they will be better off with them than their families.

but then after this they beat them up badly to break them down so they can have control over them.

their pimps then drug them so they wont be able to fight or leave

after they will sexually assult them or they take them to hotels so they can meet with their customers and they will pay them, the number of men they get in one day is up to 50

most of the girls are scared to speak out because their pimps threaten to kill them or kill their families so they never try to escape

“The problem with human trafficking is that of course the victims are silenced.”

the United States' Trafficking Victims Protection Act

this organization helps protect potential victims, the three main things they focus on is prevention, protection, and prosecution.


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