Female Education rights in Pakistan Ksksiisisis

Women's education rights in Pakistan are strictly different compared to American schools. In Pakistan, girls don't get the same chance as boys to succeed in school. Most Pakistanis believe that all girls are supposed to be married at a young age to start a family and cook and help their mothers. Most girls want a chance to learn and gain intelligence. Women's education is very important, in school boys and girls learn great self-respect. Also it’s important to learn social skills that can help you get a job. The total enrollment level of pre-primary in the public sector was 4,391,144. 2,440,838 are boys, and 1,950,306 are girls. 56% of enrolled students are boys, and 44% are girls.

These girls are lucky to have a chance to attend school

Over the past couple of years there has been some events that really helped this situation become less of a problem and more as a protest that everyone is standing for. One event that most people know about is the women who risked her own life as teenager to show everyone that women are people too. Her name is Malala Yousafzai, she was told multiple times to leave the bus but she stood her ground with braveness. The taliban brought this out of hand by shooting her in the head, even though they knew she didn't have any weapons. She was extremely lucky that she was not killed. Malala took a chance on risking her life, she could have been easily killed, the taliban is a ruthless group that is not afraid to kill anyone in there way. After this occurred more girls malala's age wanted to take a stand. Also more girls weren't as afraid to stand up and go to school.

In the future we hope that every women will deserve a chance to learn and gain intelligence. Malala showed that girls aren't just bystanders but they are in this world to grow in knowledge and to be as equal to boys. Malala hopes that no one has to go through what she did but she hopes that we won't sit back and watch this happen, but we will stand up for the cause of greater good.

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