Dryads Ethan Lott

There is an old poem about a mythical creature called a Dryad. This poem is pretty soft and tranquil. I feel that it has peaceful feeling. "I hear Through the coolness.."(11-12).

The Dryads are tree nymphs, that grow as the tree grows. And die as the tree dies. The Greek gods would punish any travelers who hurt the tree in any way. They are very shy around most people, except Artemis

"Dryads are for the most part solitary, although in a large enough forest imbued with enough magic, several Dryads may co-exist there. Each tending to and protecting their own area of the forest.

The animals of the forest make up a large part of their social lives, with the ability to communicate with them. Even the most savage animal knows to trust a Dryad, who cannot harm the forest or its creatures. This does not extend to Humans and Elves and other species that might live in the forest or wander through but are not a part of it. Providing that they do the forest no harm, however, they are usually granted safe passage.

Dryads see no need for clothing, money or weapons as these are not naturally occurring in the world."(http://aminoapps.com/page/harry-potter-role-play/6721814/dryad).


Created with images by agius - "Dryad at Animal Kingdom" • Fæ - "Architectural Bracket in the Form of a Tree Dryad LACMA M.86.184" • syvwlch - "Turkey Mountain Hike" • tinyfroglet - "Dryad"

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