Maximum Detection Face-Off! Donald D. Trump Versus Hillary Clinton!? By The one who sees the truth of Hillary's schemes.

“D-Don’t do this!” Bill Clinton, former U.S President stammers, as he is pushed back, “After all we’ve been through… darn you, darn you to HIFL!” And just like that, Bill Clinton has been murdered.

Donald D. Trump sits back in his chair after a long day of detecting, “Ah, another day of deporting Canadians is done, hmm…. Perhaps i’ll visit Donald (J.)?”

Just then, the phone rings, “Hey Donald (D.)” a familiar voice says, “It’s me, your cousin, how ya been?” Donald (D.) lights up, “Pretty good, I was just thinking about visiting you and the family, why the sudden call?” Thousands of miles away, Donald J. Trump’s face turns dark, “Bad news cousin, Bill Clinton’s been...murdered.” What? Donald (D.) thinks, how could this have happened? “Donald (J.), this is horrible, i’m coming over, this is one case I gotta investigate.”

The sky is dark over Washington D.C. as it’s inhabitants mourn their second favorite president, Donald (D.) Trump is just arriving in the city, Bill's been killed, Donald lulls over this for a short while, I gotta find the guy who did this, with his resolve strengthened, he arrives at the White House in record time, where he finds his cousin awaiting him. “Donald (J.)! It’s been a while, how’re Melania and the kids?” Though the two were mourning, their own presences reinvigorated each other, they soon got caught up in a conversation that consumed hours of the day, when night came ‘round, it was decided that Donald (D.) would stay with Donald (J.) and his family at the White House for the duration of his trip.

The next day, Donald (J.) approached Donald (D.) as he was preparing to go investigate, “Donald (D.) I didn’t tell you this yesterday, but there’s another detective working on this case.” Donald (D.) was surprised, “Who is this other detective?” “I don’t know, but the one thing they’ve said to the press is… that they want to meet you at midnight, near the Lincoln Park, weird right?” Donald (D.) thanks his cousin for the new info, and sets off.

The day has near passed, Donald D. Trump is now waiting under a streetlamp near Lincoln Park, when suddenly, someone steps into the light, but before he can speak, a glass cage falls right on top of him, “What the-Just who are you?!”, the mysterious figure starts a chuckle, which soon breaks out into full scale laughter, “I’ve got you now Donald (D.), the one who trapped you, and killed Bill Clinton was none other than me, Hillary Clinton!” How could I have been so blind, Donald (D.) thinks to himself, of course it was Hillary that killed Bill! Hillary laughs once more, “Take a look at this, simpleton” She pulls 3 pictures from her jacket, all of which showing… Donald (D.) killing Bill Clinton! “What trickery is this Hillary!? I’m gonna take you down!” Hillary starts to walk away, “Try as you like, but any damage you do to the inside of that cage is sent to a whole other dimension. Enjoy your last moments as a free man, Donald (D.), after i’m done with you, your cousin’s next, HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Soon after Hillary leaves, Donald (D.) starts to look for an exit, but the glass barrier seems unbreakable, just as he’s about to give up, he looks down, “That’s right! The one thing Hillary failed to account for, the floor!” Donald (D.) is able to quickly dig his way under the barrier, now free, he takes a quick look around, where he finds a mysterious folder laying on the ground, “Holy cow!” Donald (D.) exclaims as he goes through it, “This thing is full of details on Bills murder, if I can get this to the police on time, Hillary will be sent where she belongs, jail!”

Meanwhile, Hillary arrives at the police station, with a smirk on her face, she prepares to walk through the doors, when suddenly, Donald J. Trump appears in front of her! “Hillary, I don’t know what scheme you’re plotting now, but you’d do well to stop here.” Hillary scoffs, “What i’m here for… is to reveal the murderer of my husband! Now get out of my way!”

Hillary pushes Donald (J.) out of the way, and proceeds inside the police station, where she sees Donald (D.) already there, talking to the officers. “You’re done, Hillary.” Donald (D.) says, holding the evidence folder in his hands, Hillary is shaken, “How did you find that?! Darn, I guess I’ll just have to kill you too!”

Hillary pulls a gun from one of her pockets, but is quickly apprehended by nearby officers before she can do anything, “This isn’t the last you’ve seen of me Donald (D.)!” The Trump cousins leave the police station with the knowledge that they had avenged Bill.

A few days later, Donald (D.) was on his way out of Washington, as he was walking back to New York, someone he thought he’d never see again crossed his path, Bill Clinton, “Bill! You’re still alive?” Donald (D.) says, surprised, to that, Bill only smiles, “I came here to thank you for putting Hillary in jail, I can rest knowing the world is safe from her dastardly plots.” Donald (D.) is still somewhat confused, just as he is about to speak, Bill suddenly fades away,

Donald (D.) realizes the true meaning of the past few minutes, why Bill had appeared, everything. “You always were a good friend, Bill,” Donald (D.) says, looking at the afternoon sky, “May you rest in peace.”


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