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Austria is in the Northern and Eastern hemispheres and is in Europe
These countries are Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary, all border Austria.
Vienna is the capital city of Austria, the coordinates are (16°E, 48°N)


Austria is in the temperate zone in between 23 1/2 degrees and 66 1/2 degrees. The temperate zone means it is hot and cold all year and there are four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall.

The Danube River is the second largest river in Europe. It flows from Germany all the way to the Black Sea. The Alps stretches about 1,200 kilometers across 8 alpine countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Leichtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia, and Switzerland.


Austria's total population is 8.45 million. The total population is medium and the world rank is 93rd.

Austria's population density is 266 per mile and it is very crowded because 250 or more per mile is very crowded. The world rank is 38th.

Austria's growth rate is growing slow at 0.146% per year. The fertility rate is 1.43 children per woman.

The top left is Vienna, middle left is Graz, Styria, bottom left is Salzburg, the right is Linz, Upper Austria, and the bottom right is Innsbruck, Tirol.

Austria is more urban than rural.

Austria's net migration rate is 1.76 migrants/1,000 population. More people are entering because 1,000 people live there plus 1.76 migrants.


Austria is a developed country. I know this because the GDP per capita is $42,600. Developed countries have more money than developing countries, so that's one reason. Another is that their life expectancy is 80.17 years. If their life expectancy is high, then that means that they have good health and they eat well. My final reason is that their literacy rate is 98%. This means that Austria has enough schools so that people can learn. Austria is a developed country. Their GDP per capita is $42,600. Their life expectancy is 80.17 years. Their literacy rate is 98%.


The main languages spoken in Austria are: German-88.6%, Turkish-2.3%, Serbian-2.2%, Croatian-1.6%, and other-5.3%

The main religion practiced in Austria is Roman Catholic.
For breakfast, they have rolls, coffee, sausage, and goulash. For snacks they have open sandwiches, wurstsemmel, a roll filled with sausage-cheese-pickel, and bosna which is available at sausage stands. Their bread shops sell excellent seeded wholemeal bread and rolls. They eat liptauer cheese. Some popular dishes are goulash, wiener schnitzel, strudel, sachertorte, and linzertorte. Other dishes they eat are noodles, broiled beef, dumplings, and fruit dumplings. For produce they have/eat freshwater fish, beef, apples, cabbage, and game. Their main meal is usually at lunchtime.
Famous landmarks include Hochosterwitz Castle, Krems, Eisriesenwelt Cave. Hochosterwitz Castle is said to be the inspiration behind Sleeping Beauty's castle. The castle boasts 14 gates, each designed to protect the castle and its inhabitants. An incredible inclined railway brings visitors to the castle. The historic city of Krems marks the blue Danube and the Krems rivers converge at the beginning of the Wachau Valley. Krems boasts a historic city center, and the pedestrian friendly layout encourages exploring the the ancient city gates and the castle called Gozzoburg. Eisriesenwelt offers dozens of miles of paths through stunning caverns of underground ice caves. After climbing down more than 700 steps, the Eispalast emerges. This is an enormous palace made from ice, and when light hits its walls, it sparkles beautifully.


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