Triangle Fire Cause and Effect

Imagine you and your best friend were about to get out of work. Only 30 minutes left and the men were lighting there work break cigarette. Suddenly you see the trash can catches fire. You run to the doors but, there locked. This is what many of these young girls did.

What were the causes and the effects of the triangle fire.

The main cause of the triangle fire was faulty equipment and unknown plan in case of a fire

  • Locked doors
  • Oil everywhere
  • No fire plans
  • Broken stair ways
  • Dark hallways

Faulty essential items like these could have prevented the workers from getting out

After the Triangle fire disaster New York adopted 36 new laws to prevent a similar tragedy. New York also made a Factory Investigating Commission to ensure the safety of factory's in New York

The owners of Triangle Shirtwaist Company

The company's owners, Max Blanck and Isaac Harris,were tried on charges of first- and second-degree manslaughter.


In conclusion the main cause of the was poor maintenance to the building and the lack of knowledge in case of a fire. Although it was a terrible tragedy, we learned from it and now we have fire rules and regulations to help prevent a similar event.


Created with images by Kheel Center, Cornell University Library - "Mourners for Triangle fire victims follow a horse-drawn hearse." • Kheel Center, Cornell University Library - "Firefighters spray water on the Asch Building trying to put out the Triangle factory fire blaze, March 25, 1911" • Kheel Center, Cornell University Library - "The Triangle Waist Company fire escape, weakened by the heat of the fire, leads from upper floors of the Asch Building" • Kheel Center, Cornell University Library - "Max Blanck and Isaac Harris, owners of the Triangle Waist Company"

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