Illustrated Days Experiences in intro to illustrator

Last one first! This background images was the product of a part of my final assignment. It consisted of creating digital floral art using only a set of simple brushes. Then it applied an excellent texture that really gave a canvas style appearance.

I know I know, could certainly use some polish. This book cover was the product of the final two assignments. It applied knowledge that I gained from both Illustrator and Photoshop. I am really proud of how the textured floral imagery made itself part of the book cover. I went with a tattered novel from pre-1900's style. I am disappointed that I could not make the text seem to be pressed into the cover.
Rather explosive! This project was a lot of fun! I was able to really apply unusual design and color combinations in a mildly chaotic way. The point of this project was to create patterns from simple designs and apply them using a variety of colors. The odd stacking of shapes was me goofing around, but it turned out much better than I thought it would.
I admit, I thought was going to bomb this project. That is, until I discovered how to make the really colorful paw prints! They made for adorable path markers. I am still very ashamed of the woman's bathroom logo. All in all this project helped implement several other projects that we learned earlier in the semester.
This project was a bit of a surprise. It was one of the early projects that did not come out of the book. I used mostly Photoshop techniques to cut out the bow-tie and mask, and also, to make the background image a blur. I admit that the title definitely sounds a bit kinky, but it applied to the animal shelter charity event theme!
This was a hideous monstrosity. The assignment requested that we create a color wheel out of magazine clipping. Well! I haven't purchased, subscribed to, or even looked at a magazine (with the exception of dentists visits, which are mostly blocked out) since I was in Boy Scout's ordering Boy's Life! Accruing materials for this project was work. Then came the next part of the assignment which was the only project I did not turn in this semester. (shame shame shame)
This was a by the book project that taught all sorts of interesting things. The majority of the park map I did later on came from this project. It taught us out to use the trees as a spray, and how to make unique paths. Personally, this one kicks my original park maps tail. But, I like my paw print paths much more!
This was an awesome middle of the term assignment! I was still very much an Illustrator newbie at the time so most of this is done with Photoshop, but I am really happy with how the design came out. The assignment requested that we come up with an original energy employment advertisement. Well...light bulb! Was a rather brilliant concept to say the least, but before my ego explodes, I will conclude that it was not the best in the class, but it was the best that I could do.
This was another by the book assignment that we completed early on. It taught us simple manipulation of text to make it a viable logo for a business. There wasn't much wiggle room, but it did a great job in teaching some of the uses of Illustrator. I only included one of the images because the other one is just a zoom in of the logo.
This was the second assignment that we were ever assigned! Bow before my awesome amateur skills! Just kidding. My work on this project included a step by step tutorial from turning the sailboat from a sketch to a digitized image and applying the curves to the peak of the wave. It was a good intro assignment, and helped with getting used to the Illustrator tools.
Project 1! The first project that we completed in Illustrator. This project gave us some rudimentary experience with Illustrator tools. I have certainly learned a whole lot since then. But, I am far from being an expert.

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