The Era of Good Feelings By Hannah Conte

In the 1800s it is very important to be American. If you're an American you were free from unjust rule, and you were an independent. In the 1800s you would be proud to be an American. During this time culture flourished. They are proud of all of the things they have accomplished after the American Revolution. In America they are all individuals but they work together as a united nation. Americans are inspiring others to become a united nation.

America in the 1800's is beautiful and full of art. New types of art forms are emerging in America. Some of the different types of art I have encountered are folk art and portraits. Folk art is simple and colorful. Most folk art is very patriotic. Portraits look professional and they capture emotions very well. The majority of portraits that I have seen are of important American figures with distinct features. There are also many important artists, Such as: John James Audubon, George Catlin, and the Hudson River School. John James is known for fine detail and bird portraits. On the other hand, George Catlin focuses on rich colors and depicting native people. He created an Indian Gallery the he veiiwed as a way "to rescue from oblivion their primitive looks and customs.". The Hudson River School focuses on landscapes and nature for their art. All of the art is truly amazing and really bring out the colors of America.

A painting of mallards by John James Audubon.

In America I have met many great authors. Washington Irving, James Fenimore Cooper, Davy Crockett, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow are a few of the best. Washington Irving writes about the wilds of upstate New York. He has written Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. James Fenimore Cooper writes about the adventures of settlers in the wilderness. One of the stories that he has written a story called the Pioneers. One of Davy Crocketts specialties is writing tall tales. He has written an autobiography and The Crockett Almanac. "Let your tongue speak what your heart thinks.", Davy Crockett stated. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is a serious poet who writes about patriotic themes. One of his most well known writings is called Paul Revere's Ride. All of these authors have one thing in common; they all write about American culture and the frontiers.

The music in America is very diverse. Some of the most popular types of music are classicals, spirituals, minstrel songs, and folk songs. Classical music is very elegant and usually played at formal events. Spirituals are the combination of the hymns of white churchgoers and African musical styles. Minstrel songs mocked black songs. Folk songs were invented by African Americans. All of these types of music are very pleasing to listen to and I've grown quite fond of them. Music is a very powerful thing. "Where words fail, music speaks.", Hans Christian Anderson said.

American politics are run very well. Henry Clay has devised an American System. The three key ideas of Clay's system are: federal spending on transportation projects, taxes on imported goods, and a new international bank. Henry Clay also believed in capitalism. Decisions made by the Supreme Court, under Chief Justice John Marshall helped strengthen federal power. For example, in 1819 the court confirmed Congress' authority to create a national bank that was free from state interference. “...there is a remedy, and that remedy consists in modifying our foreign policy, and in adopting a genuine American System.", Henry Clay proclaimed.

Henry Clay

This time is not considered "The Era of Good Feelings" by slaves. Slaves had many reasons for being unhappy with their situation besides being held captive. Slaves had no rights and weren't considered people. They couldn't own or possess anything. Slaves were also not allowed to have legal children or spouses. Slaves were also given stereotypes. “My marser’s name was Isaac Hunter. Him an’ de missus bofe hellcats . . . Marser daid now an’ I ain’ plannin’ on meetin’ him in heaven neither.”, said Armaci Adams, a former slave.

Slaves often worked in cotton fields.

To be an American in the 1800s was very important. Culture changed and became better. They had beautiful music and art. The literature was amazing and intriguing. The government is run well and in an orderly fashion. Although slaves are not treated as well they still get to enjoy and experience the changes in America.

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