Zeke's Goals Ms.d Pd:7

One Year goals

  • I want to increase my education and get better grades. I can achieve this goal by paying attention and trying my best in school.
  • I want to become more physically fit and in shape. I can achieve this goal by working out harder, staying active, and eating healthier.
  • I want to get my first car and be able to be more free. I will achieve this in about six months when i turn 16 and my parent help me buy the car and they said i will have more freedom.
  • I want to be able to travel to Washington and see the white house. I can achieve this buy saving up some of my money to buy a pane ticket and hotel

Three Year Goals

  • I want to finish high school and have a scholarship in sports or academics. If i get better and and smart I will be able to accomplish this goal.
  • I want to go to college at Oregon State but if i had to go to in state school I would love to go to ASU or NAU. I will have to keep doing what I am doing an hopefully get excepted.
  • I want to be able to play football in college and become very good.The harder I practice and the more effort I put in will help me achieve his goal.
  • I want to have found a girl that cares about me and really loves me. I really cant achieve his goal it just is if I'm at the right place right time.

Five Year Goals

  • I want to have go my car payment fully paid off with my student loans. I will complete this goal by saving money earned over time.
  • I want to have at least got my Associates Degree which is two years in college. As long as I stay out of trouble and don't get far behind i will easily achieve this goal.
  • I want to have gotten possible draft picks for the NFL. If I work hard during the seasons I might have a shot of achieving this goal.
  • I want to start looking for apartments and places to live off campus. This is a huge goal of mine is having my own place to call home.

Ten Year Goals

  • I want to be able to own my own house and have it in Texas. I want a nice home because i want my family to have the best it can and I don't want to be poor and useless.
  • I want to have graduated with a masters degree and paid off any student loans. I want a masters degree and will achieve this by staying in school for 4 year.
  • I want to have started traveling with my wife and kids. I want to travel to Germany,Italy and Peru. I will achieve this goal if i have enough money too.
  • I want to have twin boy and girl and a wife of my own. This is everyone's dream to have a wife and kids . I will most definitely achieve this goal one day.

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