Amaya's Junior year Adv. Art

I took adv. art this year because of the fun time I had in Art 1 last year. I may not be the best artist but I do enjoy it and it helps me calm myself throughout the school day so I can do other work to my best ability. This year in taking art I was expecting to get to explore some of my own ideas for projects and have the freedom to do what I want without having to follow a rubric.

This is the art work that I am most proud of that I have finished so far this school year. One skill that I lack is making a piece look realistic. In making my portrait I think that I gained some perspective on making it look like me and not just what I think it should look like.

Although my leaf was not a project it took my two days to complete and I worked very heard on it. I do not do very well with watercolor so in painting this leaf I had to try my best and I think it turned out very well for me.

I wish I could have done more with watercolor but my watercolor eye did not turn out so well so then I decided to move on to other things. I decided I work well with smaller watercolor pieces.

In between project I have been using pastels to work on this flower. I am mostly done and next focus will be the background. I am hoping to complete this project sometime in the 3rd nine weeks. I am hoping to find more time to work on it soon.
Another thing I would like to make time to do is another acrylic painting. Although my paintings never really look real I like to paint and enjoy it very much. This painting is my first project that I completed this year and it took my a while to make the browns and greens I was looking for. From now on I am going to try to stay away from realistic paintings, and paint things that will look nice without looking real.

I am currently working on clay projects :)

This was my fail as my first pinch pot

This is my second try at a pinch pot and it was successful, it is going to be a mouse, in the past few days I have added feet, a slice of cheese, and smoothed out all around. Currently it is drying out and getting ready to be fired.

This was my second attempt at throwing on the wheel. and I created a little bowl.

This was a random bowl that no one had claimed so Mrs. Gaylk had asked me to glaze. It is now being fired.

I am enjoying creating pieces with all types of clay. :)

Artistic Behaviors: One artistic behavior that I really focused on this semester is taking risks. I have worked with clay, charcoal, and pastels. Last year I mainly focused on drawing and painting. Most of the media that I have used this year has all been new to me. Instead of painting my eye like I wanted to I was pushed to water paint it and although it did not turn out hoe I liked it, it was still a learning experience. For pictures note the ones above.

Artistic Behaviors: Another artistic behavior that I have done is collaborating. While working on pinch pots me and Grace worked together to make sure our pieces were heading in the right direction, by always giving feedback about our projects. The picture is an experiment me and Grace also worked together on. We observed each other's pieces of art, to give us new ideas to paint. We also helped each other with each technique and how they are supposed to work. Grace was having trouble with some of the techniques because she was absent one of the days Mrs. Galyk was teaching us the new techniques. Working together helped both of us complete each task for our experiment correctly.


  • A goal that I have is to complete 3 more projects that I like the outcome.
  • I want to buff out some of my flaws that I have with painting
  • I want to work through all of the types of clay I can do

March 24th- 3rd quarter

This was the first bowl that I glazed and I am happy with the results of the coloring
This plate I worked on making an abstract design.
This bowl was actually a mistake. While I was throwing the walls became too thin and on of the sides folded in. Instead of Mrs.G having me scratch it off she had me take all of the other edges to look like the first.
These were all my ceramics that were entered into the art show.
Glazing my mouse was stressful to me because I did not want to mess it up. I really liked my mouse and wanted it to turn out nicely. After glazing and firing I was happy to see the way it turned out.
This was SUPPOSED to be a stack of pancakes, obviously it did not turn out as planned.
This is one side of my now bowl thingy. Although it is not pancakes I am very happy with the way it turned out.

I learned how to in put designs and patterns into clay when it is Leather Hard. MY skills and technique have improved a lot with working on clay because this was my first major project. This took me almost 3 weeks to complete and I can not wait to glaze it and finish.

Another Artistic Behavior that I have improved on is creating original art. I usually find all my ideas on pinterest or online. After the pancakes were messed up I used my own idea to figure it out and make it into something. Some patterns I put onto the pot I have previously used in my zentangle project last year. These patterns came from me and were very original, I like these patterns and I was excited to bring them 3-D and not leave them on paper.

What I like best about what I have been working on is that it is clay. All things with clay interest me and keep me engaged in art class. I enjoy clay because it is 3-D and you really use your hands. This is why this project was meaningful to me. It was challenging as well because this was a large clay piece and I have only completed small ones previously.

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