My World By: trey macaulay

This is my world I love playing basketball that is my passion here is me playing basketball

That was a video of me playing basketball now I will talk about my future job

I want my future job to be owning a sneaker store. I want to be this because I have a passion for shoes and I know how to sell them. I think I could be really good at this job because I know what people would want in the store and I know what to sell. This is a picture of a shoe that I would sell in my store, but keep in mind I would not only have this shoe in the store but much more and a big variety


Kate is my sister and she is by far the funniest kid in our family! I love Kate so much. She is also a really good actor!

Ava is the nicest in the family and she is also really good at acting. My sisters are identical twins and are 8 years old

Mom is really nice as well and is always there for all of us when something goes wrong

Dad is the most strict because he wants us to have a good life and is really hard when it comes to sports for me. But I love him so much

That is a picture from all of us 3 years ago


I play basketball, soccer, track and maybe football next year. I might want to do eagle news in 8th grade! But I don't know yet.

Me and my dad also love going to basketball games together


We don't really do anything for our culture other than eat two meals that are German. And yes we are mostly German and Italian and a mix of a lot of other things.

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