Maleficent By, Adiba Talibi

Anna Biedrzycka Shepphard

Awards won for the designing of Maleficent

Best Fantasy Adventure, Truly Moving Picture Award, Hollywood Film Award, IFMCA Award, Into Film Award, Blimp Award, People's Choice Award, and Audience Award.

Movies Anna Shepherd Is Known For

Glorious Basterds, Schindler's List, Captain America: The First Avenger,The Pianist

On Set

Pictures from the actual time period

The pictures from the set and in real life relate for the people that were living in the kingdom. They do not relate to the main character Maleficent because she was a fairy and the whole movie is basically a fairy tale and fictional.

Some specific characteristics that matched were that the dresses for all women were still all the way down their feet. Dresses were still very colorful for the rich and dull for the maids or workers.

i think that they could have done better at dressing up the maids because the actual time period in real life doesn't go along with what most of them were wearing in the movie.

This movie did not influence ready to go street fashion because it took place in the 15th century and no one in during this time period is going to go out and start wearing long gowns or dresses. Simply because they are not in fashion.

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adiba talibi

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