Scotland By: Hanah Peeples

Scotland is located in the northern part of the United Kingdom. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. There are over 5 million people that live here.

Immigrants play a large role in the growth of Scotland.

One of the most common Scottish dishes is mince and tatties. In America, we would call this ground beef and mashed potatoes.

They hold weddings similar to the United States. They usually take place on the weekends with the bride dressed in white and given away by her father.

The Scots take education very seriously. After secondary school, students move on to university, sometimes after taking a gap year.

Edinburgh Castle Hill School

In Scotland, they are still adjusting to the non-traditional roles of gender such as the woman being domestic and reproductive and the man being the one with paid employment. Even though their view of gender is developing, males still heavily dominate their country in areas such as legal professions and political positions.

The majority of Scotland practices Christianity. There are many other religions here as well such as Hinduism and Buddhism. The census in Scotland also revealed that there is a large number of people who do not practice or identify with any religion at all.

Church in Luss, Scotland


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