Additional Instruction in Word Identification

Little Johnny has been having a difficult time with his word identification when he is reading. His teacher can choose from the following list of strategies in order to strengthen his basic phonics skills.

Additional instruction in word identification is most beneficial for struggling readers that require extra lessons to improve their phonic analysis, decoding by analogy, syllabic analysis, and morphemic analysis skills.

Phonic Analysis- Students apply their knowledge of sound symbol correspondences, phonics rules, and spelling patterns to read or write a word. (Ex. What words start with H).

Decoding by analogy- Students use their knowledge of phonograms to deduce the pronunciation or spelling of an unfamiliar word. (Ex. Claw from saw, flat from cat, stone from cone).

Syllabic Analysis- Students break a multisyllabic word into syllables and then apply their knowledge of phonics to decode the word, syllable by syllable. (Ex. drag-on, fa-mous, vol-ca-no).

Morphemic Analysis- Students use their knowledge of root words and affixes to read or write an unfamiliar word. (astro-naut, bi-cycle, centi-pede).

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