9G2 Cells Tissues and Organs Cover lessons for Mr. Lowe

Use this web page to provide details and guidance for the two weeks cover for Mr Lowe's Lessons. You will be competing either a poster, drawing and writing in your exercise book, powerpoint or an online flyer tool on the topics listed under each lesson below. Once you have finished, you can test your knowledge on each topic by clicking on the 'test yourself with exam questions' link.

You will be covering in detail the biology modules you have been learning this year and this is a means of revising and consolidating what you know. Each lesson you will be building on the previous. You can use the online textbook at kerboodle.com or other website such as BBC Bitesize to provide the information.

If you feel quite confident in one of the topics, then you can always skip ahead to another days work. Feel free to chose the topics that best suit what you need to revise. E.g. if you feel confident on cell structures, spend more time on the other topics you are not so sure on.

Monday 8th May Period 7

Animal and Plant Cells - pages 6-7

Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells - pages 7-8

Wednesday 10th May Period 2

Specialism in Animal and Plant Cells - pages 10-13

Thursday 11th May Period 1

Diffusion and Osmosis - pages 14-19

Friday 12th May Period 1

Active Transport and Exchange of Materials - pages 20-23

Wednesday 17th May Period 2

Cell Division, Growth and Differentiation - pages 26-29

Thursday 18th May Period 1

Stem Cells - pages 30-33

Extension Work

Tissues Organs and the Digestive System - pages 36-39

Extension Work

Catalysts - pages 40-43

Factors Effecting Enzyme Activity - pages 44-49

Enzyme Extension

Good luck!

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