Canada Day 2019 Amherst celebrates our country's 152nd birthday

Canada Day celebrations were moved inside the Amherst Stadium this year, while it was pouring outside, the spirits inside sure weren't dampened.

The celebrations kicked off with an opening ceremony, highlighted by speeches from Amherst Mayor David Kogon, Cumberland County Deputy-Warden Joe van Vulpen, and IODE representatives Margie Smith and Treva Hebb.
Amherst council members, aided by Mr. van Vulpen then served Canada Day cake to the crowd.
The Mark MacMillan Trio entertained the audience for the first half of the celebration.
Folks of all ages had the faces and arms painted with glittering Canada emblems.
There were lots of Canadian flags being waved.
Members of JC's TaeKwon-Do & Kickboxing club put on several demonstrations of their skills
Kids had a ball at the slide and bouncy castle or ,,,
... digging for treasure.
The Dynamic Duo Liz & Ben entertained during the second half of the party.
Several folks posed for Canada Day pictures.
Many enjoyed treats.
These pictures are evidence that folks are proud of their country
Happy Canada Day!


Tom McCoag / Town of Amherst

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