My Learning Diary Michela Venerini 2BD

Creating a video game has never been funnier and easier! Follow the instructions, realize your video game and get your Hour of Code certificate.
Discover more about our class's experience in Newbold college, educational and entertainment activities, but also school trips in London, Oxford, and Reading.
Who is this Olympic winner? How has its passion begun? What differs him from the other athletes? Read the article and find out Usain Bolt's life and curiosities.
Be or not to be- that is the question. Who says this famous phrase?
How did women live in the old Britain? Which were their daily problems? Katherine , writing a stories' collection, answers to these questions
How can you describe a book in an original way? Realizing a cartoon video! Click the bottom and watch "The Prisoner of Zenda"
Emma-Jane Austin
The Treasure Island
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Michela Venerini


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