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Vietnam is located in both the northern and eastern hemispheres. The continent in which it is located is Asia.

Vietnam borders Cambodia, Laos, and China.

The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi. The coordinates for Hanoi are 21°N and 106°E.

Physical Characteristics

Vietnam is located in the tropical zone. That means that it is hot year round and the seasons are based on rainfall. Usually countries in this zone have a wet and dry season. To be in zone countries have to be between 0° and 23.5° latitude either north or south. Vietnam is at the edge so the temperatures might not be as bad as other countries.
Fansi peak(left) is the highest peak in Vietnam. The height of it is 10312. The Red Hong River (right) is 750 miles long. It is the cradle of Vietnam, so it is a very special river for the Vietnamese people


Vietnam's population is large, there are 91.6 million people and it ranks as the 13th biggest population in the whole world. That is 13 out of 196 countries. The country is also very crowded the population density is 729 people per square mile. It is ranked the 48th highest population density in the world.

The growth of the country is average at 1.03%. It is average because the world average is 1%. If it is over 1.5% then it is a fast growing country, if it is below .8%then it is a slow growing country. 1.03 is in between .8 and 1.5. The growth rate world rank is 127 out of 196. The fertility rate for Vietnam is 1.85. The net migration rate is -.32 per 10,000,000 people in the population. This means that more people are leaving the country.

The largest city by population is Ho Chi Minh City(top right) with 8.426 million people. The next largest is Hanoi (bottom right), the population is 7.588 million. In 3rd place is Da Nang(bottom left) having 1.047 million. Next is Hai Phong(not pictured) with 846,191. Coming in fifth is Bien Hoa(top left) having 407,208. Vietnam is more rural than urban.


Vietnam is a developing country. It is developing partly because the GDP per capita is only $4000. The cut off for being developed is $30,000 and $4,000 is way below that. The life expectancy for a developed country should be at least 78 years. Vietnam's life expectancy is only 72 years which is below 78. the literacy rate for Vietnam is 93.4% , the literacy rate for a developed country should be at least 99%. These three things prove that Vietnam is a developing country.


The top 5 languages spoken in Vietnam are, Vietnamese, English, French, Chinese, and Khmer. Those are in order of most spoken. 80.8% of people in Vietnam do not have a religion. 9.3% are Buddhist and 6.7% are Catholic.

Football ,or as we call it soccer, is exceedingly popular in Vietnam. Volleyball, badminton, and wrestling are also widely enjoyed.

Vietnamese food incorporates Chinese cuisine and other cuisines of southeast Asia countries. Rice is a staple food. Noodle soup with chicken or beef broth, a distinctive springroll, and the use of fermented fish sauce for seasoning or dipping is commonly eaten.


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