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The indigenous people of Japan is called Ainu. They are not as well known as for example Native Americans, or the aboriginales people of Australia, but they do excist. Some sources claim that they are no more that 25 000 of them, but other sources says that they are more that 200 000. So the exact number of them is unknown. While most of them live in Japan, they are known to be about 1000 of them in Russia. The reason behind why some of the Ainu people is in Russia is a result of the treaty of saint petersburg. 83 Ainu people arrived in Petropavlovsk- Kamchatsky on september 18, 1877. They decited to remain under Russian rule.

The women applied unusual tattoos to their face and arms
only womens do get idea

Kuchisake-Onna is formerly known as a goddes, a female with a slit-mouthed face, usually covered by a mask made of metal. This "yokai"(-demon) is held captive within the walls of a shrine, unable to meet the gaze of any human being. Kuchisake-onna usually recieves offerings to maintain the peace in the city. She is said to have a craving for human flesh but the shrine keeps her mind at ease. If she escapes the shrine-area; she will bring death upon the city she is held captive in. She asks those mortals she meet upon "Am I beautiful?" If they say no she kills them at the spot, if they say yes she follows them home and slits their throat by the entrance.

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