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“Seventy-five to 85 percent of students in each class described their initial response to the library in terms of fear or anxiety.”

Constance A. Mellon

What's your reading story?

When I think about reading in K-12, I think of . . .

What goes wrong?

The trends:

  • Class Novels
  • Independent Reading
  • Excerpts Only

My Answer:

A Disclaimer

Be passionate enough to try something new and brave enough to rock the boat.

Behind the Scenes Tip 1:

What, Why, Where of Book Choices

What do I actually want?

As teachers, we show students what we value by how we spend our class time; therefore, setting aside time in class every day for students to read is important . . . as is providing diverse and relevant classroom libraries surrounding students with great texts . . . Finally, we must encourage and support our students by providing safe, literacy-rich environments in which students support one another . . . and share what they are reading and learning with one another through various modes of communication, such as reading, writing, and speaking.”
  1. Read
  2. Examine Multiple Perspectives
  3. Develop Opinions
  4. Back those up with Evidence

Student Choice

But they don't know what they want

Differing Levels and Interests

But they don't know what they want

Group Away

  • Group by theme or genre or time period or country
  • A variety of lengths and levels
  • Controversial
  • Easily discussed

But where?

  • Start with your book room
  • Ask your librarian for a list of titles with 6+ copies
  • Grants and donations
  • More class novel copies? Nah.

Student Lesson 2: Choosing

  • Find something you love
  • Mrs. Payne's Disclaimer
  • Blank Slate is a positive

Behind the Scenes Tip 2:

Grouping Students

  1. Give 'em their Top 3
  2. Discussion Ability 1st
  3. Reading Self-Perception 2nd
  4. Diversity 3rd
Book choices tell us a lot about our students. We learn about their dreams for the future, interests we have in common, and why they act the way they do in class. As we provide more opportunities for choice, we discover realities, such as high school boys enjoy reading nonfiction. They really love nonfiction because they want truthfulness and honesty; they want something real. Knowing this changes the way we see them and react to their participation in class.

Student Lesson 3: Assigning

Behind the Scenes Tip 3:

Books On Deck

Students who are able to utilize a well-stocked, diverse classroom library spend 60% more time reading compared to those that don’t. These same students are also more likely to talk about the books they are reading and make recommendations to other students.”

Student Lesson 4: Discussing

Normalize Reading

Conversation Killers

  • Shuter downers
  • Agreers
  • Intimidators
  • Disengagers

Book Circles

  • Write 2 basic questions
  • Write the page numbers of 2 interesting, frustrating, intriguing, or controversial quotes
  • Write 2 essential questions

Behind the Scenes Tip 4:

Give 'em Freedom

  • Give them freedom and time (why 15 is my jam)
  • Be prepped with controversial seeds
  • Stick through the 8 minute lull

Student Lesson 5: Assessing

Pause: Why am I assessing, again?

Book Circle "Did you Read" Points

GoodReads Final

Behind the Scenes Tip 5:

Shake it Up

  • Sign another student's paper
  • Who made the conversation matter?
  • You have 11 points to divvy out

Student Lesson 6: Aftermath

Rotate and Again and Again

Term 4 Independent Reading

Recommended Short Texts

  • Long Way Down
  • Orbiting Juptier
  • And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer
  • Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds

The Takeaways:

Students see each other read

Chat about books with their peers

Build a classroom culture

Understand multiple perspectives

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Kasie Payne


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