The "Unsinkable", You Say? Nico's story (NAT)

April 7th 1912, Brighton, England

Nico was very bored. He had nothing do to for 3 days because in 3 days, that's when his ship to America set sailed. He had already put his drawing pad and pencils in his travel bag and his mum said not to dig it out or else it would be a mess to put all his clothes back. He was in his flat with his mum, wishing he could go to America using an aeroplane instead of a ship.

a flat
"Nico, dear. Would you mind helping out with your sister?" Maria di Angelo, Nico's mum, asked Nico.
"No, mum. I'll be up there soon," Nico answered even though he did not want to help Bianca.
"Hey Nico, can you colour the bow for me? Make it a light brown colour please, thanks," Bianca asked him so nicely, even the bullies at his school would've helped her.

Nico only nodded and grabbed the colour pencils that sat beside the drawing. The drawing itself was quite good and Nico didn't understand why Bianca would ask him to do such a thing because she knew that Nico was a sloppy artist and he would surely destroy the drawing.

"Bianca, why do you let me ruin your masterpiece? You know I'm nothing but a boy who can't even write his own name in cursive without making it look like an elephant barged into the writing," Nico asked his dear sister, who was now starting to draw one of Nico's baby picture. She said nothing.

After Bianca finished, Nico knew she would again have a fit of why there isn't a colour close to their skin colour, which was olive since they're Italian.

"Nico, Bianca. The teas are ready!" Maria di Angelo called up to her two children. She always known they love an English breakfast tea after they are concentrating, after all English breakfast tea are their favourites.
"Coming mum!" Bianca and Nico synchronised.

April 8th 1912, an airport in Brighton.

"Mum, why can't we take an aeroplane to America? I know cousin Jason will be happy to see us earlier. The ship just takes too long, and who knows if it's even unsinkable or not," Nico pouted thinking about Jason, his cousin who is 18.
"Oh, dear. You know I can barely afford a 2nd class ticket. Much less, an aeroplane ticket. Those cost almost twice as much as the first class ticket," Maria replied, looking sympathetic.
"Why did father have to be such an sod and forget that we were even alive!" Nico half-yelled and half-whispered because they were standing in an airport.

Maria only ignored him and set off to find their plane. Their ticket said A-4 terminal and seat 45, 44, and 43. Nico walked slowly after his mum and bounced into someone.

"Oi, watch where you're going lad."

That only made Nico walked faster, Nico ignored that guy, which was probably not the best idea he'd ever made. He quickly found Maria and Bianca and sat between them. A few moments later, the same guy that Nico had crashed into was right in his face.

"Oi, mate. Don't you know who I am?" the man asked, looking a bit too smug for Nico's liking.
"Uh maybe an old little git?" Nico knew it was a wrong move and that he would surely get beaten down in seconds. And to add to the fact that Nico was only 15 didn't make it any better, the guy looked around 20ish.
"I've bought a 1st class ticket on the Titanic okay? My family probably has way more quids than yours and-," Nico cut him short.
"I said I don't care. Now your family is probably filthy rich and you can go boast about that all you want, but little does your little stupid brain know, my mum bought all 3 of my family members a 2nd class ticket so why don't you get lost!" Nico yelled and he didn't care if everyone was looking at him. He didn't like the way the man boasted about his own filthy rich family.

April 10th, 1812, on the Titanic.

"Nico! Can't you believe that we're actually on the unsinkable ship? It's jolly brilliant!" Bianca exclaimed, looking way too happy than normal people look when they're happy.

Bianca is like that sometimes, happier than most people. Bianca didn't mind the fact that this ship might be sinkable, she would just say 'Oh, Nico. Stop being so dull, just be happy that you're on a ship going to Jason'. He didn't mind that he was kind of anti-social, he actually liked it that way because he doesn't like to talk.

"Nico, let's go to the bath! It'll cheer you up a bit aye?" Nico couldn't decline to her as she was describing his cheeks as squidgy.
turkish bath
"Yeah, I suppose,"Nico replied, still looking down.
"And, no. I'm not allowing you to nick anything from him. He's just a bunch of dodgy, rubbish posh, don't listen to him. I'll bet you a pound, by the end of this trip, you won't even remember him! "

British terms: mum-mom, flat-apartment, colour-color, favourite-favorite, aeroplane-airplane, tea-beverage, oi-word used to attract attention in an angry way, lad-a boy, mate-a form of address between men/boys, sod- idiot,brilliant- awesome, get lost- go away, jolly- this way means very, nick- steal, aye- yes, quid- money, rubbish- trash, squidgy- soft, posh- high of class, pound- British money, dodgy-edgy


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