Dogs are the best pets

What all people need to know is that dogs can make the best pets. They are great companions, they are helpful, and they protect us. Everyone should have a dog!

One reason dogs are the best pets is that they can be great companions. For example, guide dogs can help you go to place and help get across the street. Also people would cuddle with their pets and watch movies with your dog. In addition dogs can go for walk with you everyday.

Another reason dogs are the best pets is that dogs are helpful . For example, they can help you avoid foods that you are allergic by sniffing them. Also they can help you walk somewhere. In addition my grandmother had a dog named Luna. Luna helped my grandmother get up from the chair when she was sitting down and my grandmother’s legs don’t work that good thats why Luna helps my grandmother around the house. This proves that dogs are the best pets.

“He may be shaggy

He may be old

He may even like to dig some holes,

he might be happy or

He might me sad

But if you treat him right he will never

Be mad.”


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